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Netflix’s Polar update: Trailer Drop For Deadmau5 Scored Film

Polar which is an original Netflix movie is an icy action noir thriller. Deadmau5 the legendary rapper has scored a trailer debut for the same. This is historic because it is the first time that Deadmau5 has done something like that, the iconic rapper took to the studio in history to create a full movie score. Polar comes from the house of Jonas Åkerlund, and it is a story based upon Victor Santos’ graphic novel ‘Polar: Came From the Cold.’ Polar tells you the gripping tale of a retired assassin who must evade his enemies. It about confronting people who his former employer sent to kill.

This trailer which is high-octane trailer debuts deadmau5’s latest single called “Drama Free.” Drama Free was released back on November 2 through mau5ville: Level 2 project. Here first things first, watch the trailer:

How fascinating does it look that Mads Mikkelsen is stranded in the Arctic! Mikkelsen plays “Black Kaiser, ” the assassin who is trying to live life like an ordinary person. But then, there are things in his past left like that. So he needs to address them. The interesting part is when a whole new generation of professional assassins comes to call, attempting to take him out as well as kidnapping his young neighbor, Vanessa Hudgens. Vikings’ Katheryn Winnick plays one of the badass assassins by the way. The very talented Matt Lucas and Richard Dreyfuss star in Polar.

The trailer gives you chills and Duncan Vizla a.k.a. The Black Kaiser (Mikkelsen) sets the bar high for John Wick, third installment. Polar is written by Jayson Rothwell and produced by Jeremy Bolt, Robert Kulzer, and Hartley Gorenstein. Besides, Ruby O. Fee, Fei Ren, Anthony Grant, Josh Cruddas, Robert Maillet, Julian Richings, Johnny Knoxville are also in the movie.

Polar is out on Netflix on January 25.

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