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‘Memorist’ K-drama Plot, Cast and Details

Memorist K-drama poster.

Memorist is an upcoming crime, mystery and fantasy K-drama by the network tvN. It stars Yoo Seung Ho (“I’m Not a Robot,” “My Strange Hero”) and Lee Se Young (“Trot Lovers,” “The Vampire Detective”). K-pop singer and actress Jun Hyo Seong is also starring the drama in a secondary role. The drama is based on the Daum webtoon of the same name by Jae Hoo which ran from 2016 to 2018.

The drama is directed by Kim Whee (“The Tooth and the Nail”), Oh Seung Yeol and So Jae Hyun. Ahn Do Ha and Hwang Ha Na are providing the script for the drama.

Memorist K-drama Plot & Characters

Memorist tells the story of a detective who possesses supernatural powers who is after a serial killer, however, he ends up losing his memory.


The detective Dong Baek (played by Yoo Seung Ho) teams up with a genius criminal profiler named Han Sun Mi (played by Lee Se Young) to catch an evil serial killer on the loose. Dong Baek’s power is known to everyone, for he has never hidden his abilities from the public, and uses thee powers for justice. He does not want to misuse his power, and even rejects offers from nations who want to use his power for their own benefit. The police department constantly monitors his activities 24 hours a day because of his reckless actions.


Han Sun Mi (played by Lee Se Young) is a genius criminal profiler who has achieved the title of senior superintendent at the age of 30, making her the youngest person to do so. While her personality is cold, she is very passionate about her cases.


Kang Ji Eun (played by Jun Hyo Seong) is a reporter who took this job at a TV station because she wanted to do something good for society. She is thrilled to know that she is assigned to cover her idol, Dong Baek, the detective with superpowers. She, however, is in a dilemma as her bosses ask her to record Dong Baek’s weaknesses on tape.

Captain Goo Kyung Tan (played by Ko Chang Seok) and his partner Oh Se Hoon (played by Yoon Ji On) are assigned by the police department to monitor Dong Baek’s activities and see how much damage he has caused while he was fighting crime. Despite this, Oh Se Hoon is a good friend of Dong Baek and always has his back.


Deputy chief Lee Shin Woong (played by Jo Sung Ha) is an ambitious man who wants power and seeks to rise in authority. He sees Dong Baek as a hurdle in his ambitions, as he always does the police’s job using his powers.

When is Memorist K-drama update?

Memorist K-drama will premiere on Wednesday, March 11, 2020, at 22:50 KST (Korea Standard Time) on tvN. The K-drama will release two episodes every week on Wednesday and Thursday.

Where to Watch Memorist K-drama Online?

Memorist has been picked up by Rakuten Viki in English and other languages’ subtitles for streaming outside of Korea.
For Singapore and Thailand, Viu has picked up the show for streaming on its platform as well.

Below is the teaser of the show: