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Radiant Season 2: plot details

Radiant Season 2

Radiant Season 2 has been given a green light and fans of the anime series is extremely excited for it. The first season of the series concluded on 23rd February 2019 with a total of 21 episodes. The upcoming season is expected to be a bit more intense than the first one, and according to reports, it will be released later this year. We have gathered all the latest updates regarding the anime series, so here is everything you need to know about the upcoming Radiant Season 2.

The anime series is based on French Manfra comic of the same title, and the creator of the comic is Tony Valente. Asukashinsha publishes the series in Japan, and the Japanese anime adaption is done by studio Lerche. The story of the series revolves around Seth who is also the main protagonist. The teenage boy happens to be a Sorcerer. Having survived a Nemesis attack earlier, he vows to defeat all the Nemesis and restore peace once again. The series follows his journey to find the Nemesis’ origin.

According to the latest reports, the upcoming second season will feature 21 episodes just like the previous season and the story will be starting from volume 5 of the original series. Seth will find more about his brother, Piodon and the situation gets worse when he gets in a new world that appears to be falling apart.

According to reports, Radiant Season 2 will be released in October 2019.