Top 10 Facts About Marvel’s Moon Knight That You May Not Know

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Top 10 facts about marvel's moonknight
Mavels's MoonKnight

Marvel’s Moon Knight, is an upcoming TV miniseries about which lesser facts are known. It will premiere on 30th March 2022, Wednesday on Disney+ and will conclude on 4th May 2022, all again on Wednesday. Moon Knight will be the 6th series from phase four of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It is written by Jeremy Slater and directed by Mohamed Diab along with Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead. It will have a total of 6 episodes in its first season. In other words, we can expect a season 2 in the making.

Moonknight is an action-adventure-based fictional series taken from a 1985 Marvel comic series by Dough Moench with the same title. The series is based in Egypt. Not many people know about this particular marvel character unless they are die-hard fans of marvel comics. It has never been in the mainstream superhero leagues directly. Óscar Isaac Hernández Estrada, aka Oscar Isaac, Ethan Hawke, and the May Calamway starrer series has many more unknowns to be explored before you watch it. Therefore here we are listing some of the top 10 facts about Marvel’s MoonKnight.

1. The Characters in MoonKnight

A supervillain in “X-Men: Apocalypse” turned superhero, Oscar Isaac, will play the lead role of Marc Spector, aka MoonKknight. Ethan Hawke, a four-time Academy award-nominated actor, and a screenplay writer, will play the role of Dr. Arthur Harrow (probably the Villain in the series). May Calamaway will be playing the character Layla El-Faouly who is more of a supportive and friendly character who claims to know Mark Spector from the past.

facts about moonknight cast
The different characters in Moonknight

2. The tragic life and the Birth Of MoonKnight:

Marc Spector, aka MoonKnight, has had a tragic history. He grew up as the son of a Rabbi and joined the US marine, where he was discharged over a fight with one of the officers. He then works for the CIA with his brother Randall, who was later found to be indulged in illegal activities by Marc’s girlfriend, Lisa, and gets killed by him. Surprised by the betrayals of his brother, Marc kills him and quits the CIA, and gets involved in illegal boxing matches with his friend Frenchie Duchamp. They start working as mercenaries for the highest bidders, and in this way, they meet Black Spectre and start working for him.

He then heads to Egypt for some work, but this journey becomes a tragedy when he gets attacked by Black Spectre and is left in the desert to die. He then crawls to a nearby temple dedicated to the moon god Khonsu. There he is revived by Khonsu’s spirit. In exchange for his body, which will be used as an avatar by the spirit of Khonsu, Marc gets some powers. And this is how Marc

Khonsu’s existence has often been questioned. The legend says that he is the son of Atum (first of the new gods) and Amaunet (the air goddess). He is a Lunar god of vengeance who brought marc back to life and even gave him the powers that are effective under the moonlight.

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3. Moonknight worked as a mercenary

Marc Spector worked as a mercenary before he became a superhero. He is the most prosperous of all the marvel characters so far. He made a lot of wealth during his career working as a marine, as a CIA worker, and finally as a mercenary on hire. Also, He invested his gains under the name of Steven Grant. Furthermore, he funded some of the research going on in building cutting-edge technologies which he would use in the future to fight crimes.

4. The Powers of MoonKnight

Moonknight was given powers by the Egyptian moon god, Khonsu. As a result, his powers are in synchronization with the different phases of the moon. This means he is more powerful during the night than the other times of the day. His powers become the greatest during the full moon and a bit lesser on the new moon. For example, he can lift 4000 pounds on the full moon while 1000 pounds on the new moon. In addition to these, his powers include a clear night vision, the ability to grasp mystical dimensions, self-healing powers, enhanced endurance, durability, and strength. He can even come back to life after death, as mentioned in the comics.

facts about marvel's moonknight
Marvel’s new entrant: MoonKnight

5. The Unique style of fighting

MoonKnight’s unique style of fighting his enemies comes from the tough training he went through while working as a marine, a CIA agent, and a mercenary. He allows his enemies to attack first without blocking them. He then absorbs all the pain and is able to recover quickly. This allows him to retaliate faster. He even carves a crescent on the forehead of his enemies to leave a mark. The number of marks represents the number of evil deeds of the enemy.

Top 10 Facts on Marvel’s Moon Knight : the glide
The glide of MoonKnight in his bulletproof cape

6. What all MoonKnight got as a Superhero?

Moonknight got some unique gadgets like a Crescent dart, a moon copter, and a moon-themed limousine. It is said that the weapons that MoonKnight carries were made by Hawkeye. Yes, Hawkeye from Avengers! He made them for the priests to protect themselves from the West Coast Avengers. They time-traveled to ancient Egypt. About 5000 years later, they were handed over to MoonKnight by the priests. Moreover, he wears a gray cape and has high-tech adamantium-made armor to complete his look.

top 10 facts about moonknight: weapon
Crescent dagger, the trademark of MoonKnight

7. Dissociative Identity Disorder

Superheroes are often portrayed to be that perfect guy or girl we often idolize, and we can rarely find instances of them going through some mental disorder. It’s not convenient to show such things without offending its real sufferers. But this time, our superhero is going through a Dissociative identity disorder. It means the person can exist in multiple characters and be unknown to them at the same time. The root of his disorder lies in his childhood, along with the tragedies that followed up in his quest for survival.

After Mark returns from Egypt, he creates two more characters viz., Stevan grant, a millionaire to fund MoonKnight’s costume and gadgets while the other one is a cab driver, Jake Lockley, who would gather information about the targets. All this led to the juggling of personalities among themselves. Moreover, he had to keep his identity secret. And this increased his stress leading him to develop the disorder. Even one of his characters, Steven Grant, thinks he gets visions and has some sleeping disorder.

Top 10 Facts About Marvel’s Moon Knight : the disorder
Mark Spector suffers from DID (Dissociative identity disorder)

8. A part of avenger?

Yes! MoonKnight had been a secret avenger. In 1987, he joined the west coast avengers, helped them during their time travel to Egypt in exchange for Hawkeye helping him design his new weapons. Because he disagreed on the method of fighting and his own fight with his mental disorder, he eventually left. He was a team player in the secret avengers with Captain America. He was recruited to the team by Steve Rogers after Norman Osborn fell in the siege. Later he was made an avenger in a fight with x-men for taking over the force of phoenix.

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9. A secret father

Among the characters created by Marc Spector, Jake Lockley, the cab driver, is supposed to have a daughter. While he was in a relationship with Marlene, he fathered a girl named Diatrice, which Marc doesn’t know. This could be an interesting reveal. If it is there in the series, we will be introduced to Moonknights’s daughter Diatrice for the first time.

10. The Villain of the series

If we only talk about this particular series, the Villain is still unknown to us. So far, the trailer is all about “Embracing the chaos”. That means our hero will have to fight many things at a time. The first thing he has to fight is his mental disorder which is dissociative identity disorder. Later in the series, we may see our hero fighting some sub-enemies leading to the final Villain in the story.

According to some sources, Ethan Hawke will be playing the role of Dr. Arthur Harrow, who is a Nobel prize nominee in the comics version. He developed his theory of pain and tolerance and wants to heal the world (not really! He works on his theory through some experiments carried out directly on humans without their consent). Conversely, he will be the Villain of the series.

Marvel’s Moon Knight : villain
A clip from the trailer showing the Villain of the series

These were the 10 facts summed up for you all. So, be ready to “embrace the chaos” on Disney+ on 30th March 2022. Also, being an action movie, it may contain some gruesome fight scenes. Children must watch it under adult supervision.

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