Appare-Ranman! A New Original Television Anime Series by P.A Works

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Appare-Ranman! Cover screenshot

A new original anime series produced by P.A. Work, which is directed by and Masakazu Hashimoto. Yurie Oohahigashi is designing the characters which are based on the original designs by Ahndonshik along with Shiho Takeuchi, whom his handling the mechanical designs. Appare-Ranman opening theme song “I got it!” was performed by Mia REGINA, and the ending was performed by Showtaro Morikubo.

The series has been joined into the anime community since it was premiered on April 10, 2020, on Tokyo MX.


The story starts with a race in the 19th century, Trans-America Wild Race. The competitors had to drive their car from Los Angeles across the country, and the first to arrive in New York will be the winner. The first day is a prize of $10,000. The protagonist and his mates are involved joined this survival race.

Appare Sorano has keenly interested in the engine steams. This interest sparks inside him when he first saw the big boats running from steams. But due to his unsocial personality, He got himself in trouble in his village. But without caring about those issue’s he left for the oversees along with a samurai.

Character and Cast

Appare Sorano

Seiyuu: Natsuki Hanae

Appare Sorano, Character Portfolio

The main character of this original television anime story. Appare Sorano keeps his distance with society and lives in his world. He always seems to busy calculating and predicting his scientific works, which led others hating and being annoyed with his character.

His father wants him to work for the livings and other kinds of stuff instead of making engineering stuff, which seems useless by his father. Her older sister is the only one who seems to be close to him.

He has red hair with a few white spots. He uses an eye patch like the thing to tie his hair. He has two dot-like spots at the end of his mouth on both sides. He wears a pink yukata, an open and yellow shirt underneath.

Isshiki Kosame

Seiyuu: Seiichiruou Yamashita

Kosame Isshiki, Character Portfolio

One of the main character of the story who joined the adventures of Appare Ranaman! As his Overseer. He is a low ranked government official who lived the same town as Sorane Appare. He is at the same age as Appare.

He is wise yet coward and samurai with good sword skills. Other than that, he is skilled at cooking and loves to do laundry and cleaning. He used to take care of his father and sister.

He wears a “Waraji,” kimono consisting of a green and blue outer layer. He has brown hair and hazel eyes

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