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Legend of Awakening Episode 29 & 30 Streaming Details

Legend of Awakening

When Lu Ping just attained peace in his life and thought that all is well, a vision reveals to him about his relationship to an unresolved crime in the martial arts world that happened a decade earlier. Legend of Awakening continues to tell who Lu Ping’s story continues and the first season has just passed the halfway mark when episode 24 was released earlier this week.

In this post, I will be sharing with you the latest developments and updates about Legend of Awakening Episode 29 & 30 streaming details. With only 28 episodes broadcasted so far, Legend of Awakening is running for its first season that will have a total of 48 episodes. New episodes are released every weekday from Thursday up until Sunday.

On each of its Broadcasting days, two new episodes are released. So each we get a total of 8 new episodes and soon the next ones will be broadcasted as well. Legend of Awakening tells the store of Lu Ping, whose character is acted by Arthur Chen, Cheng Xiao acting as Qin Sang, Dylan Xion as Yan Xi Fan amongst other cast supporting them.

It takes place in the Five Dynasties and TEdn Kingdoms era where Lu Ping escapes the wicked forces of Shanhai Tower and ended up discovering his spiritual identity. When he leaves for training and all things seem well for him, a vision he had, led him to realize that he is connected to an unresolved crime in the martial arts world that happened a long time ago and he aims to resolve it throughout the first season. Take a look at our latest news below.

Legend of Awakening

Legend Of Awakening Episode 29 & 30 update And Streaming Details

Legend of Awakening episode 29 & 30 will be released on Saturday, 09 May 2020 at 20:00 Chinese Standard Time. For those who are in China, you will be able to watch episode 29 & 30 on local Chinese Tv channels iQiyi Youku and Tv Mango. These are the earliest channels to get new episodes first so for international viewers, you will have to use the official streaming details below, take a look.

You will be able to stream Legend of Awakening episode 29 & 30 online on the Rakuten Viki streaming websites and platforms. It covers most of the Asian dramas so you are likely to come across some of your favorite shows over there. Keep in mind that the latest episodes are always released for local Chinese tv channels first, so you will be able to stream them only after they finish their local broadcast.

With only 28 episodes so far, Legend of awakening will run for a total of 48 episodes and has managed to receive good views across its viewers internationally and nationally. New episodes are released at a very fast rate and we are only left with few weeks of broadcast for the first season to reach its end.

The first season of Legend of Awakening has been going so well and will probably conclude the current storyline. So if things are to continue to a second season then an entirely new story would have to add up on the current one. But so far it seems like the producers are more focused on creating the current storyline and have not talked about any projects on the horizons.

And with the end still a distance away, then it is best to first focus on the current storyline because even if few weeks of the broadcast are left, the episodes to ve released covers a lot of action so using the time within the drama itself, then a lot could happen. For now, let us enjoy the show see how things go, and keep in mind that we will keep you updated should their bee any changes. So keep in touch and make sure to visit again.