My Hero Academia: World Heroes Mission Brand New Visuals

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Every fan of My Hero Academia is highly anticipated for the third film, which will rock our screens just about in two months. It has been almost a year since we have had the fourth installment of the series with us. This does not stop the level of excitement that fans still have burning inside of them regarding what will release next for us. Recently, the anime franchise in March of 2021 decided to start off a brand new season, and it covered two major arcs from the story. The first one was all about the Joint Training Storyline that saw the Classes 1A, as well as 1B, come together. Then on the other part of the show, we saw how the creators subtly covered the climax from the manga about the Meta Liberation Army battle. This story was all about how the characters from League of Villains developed through time. But well, now that we are almost over with it, all the attention is being cast on the third film in the My Hero Academia Franchise. Thus, here we have decided today to wrap up all the major details about the forthcoming anime film.

My Hero Academia: World Heroes' Mission - New Visuals and Release Date
Todoroki still from New Visual

My Hero Academia: World Heroes’ Mission – Release Date

The third film of My Hero Academia World Heroes’ Mission and is set to release on the 6th of August 2021. Now, as we are inching closer to the month of its release, faster day by day, the creators surely know how to drop out major key visuals and keep the anticipation level of the fans intact. The release of the various visuals has given rise to fan theories too. First of all, we can expect that the movie is going to cover the part of the manga series where we have talked about the Endeavour Agency. During this, we might be subjected to the time where our trio, that is, Izuku Midoriya, as well as Katsuki Bakugo along with Shoto Todoroki, went through a Hero Work internship. This was organized by the father of Shoto and Endeavour, the number 1 hero in the entire franchise.

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Also, the fans are speculating that not only the number 1 Hero but there will be plots which will have Hawks, the Number 2 Hero as well. It is because the latter hero has a very important role while this bit of the manga story takes place. If you are a reader, then you probably must be aware of what this intriguing situation is going to be like, but we have decided to not spill all the spoilers for our anime watchers. Now, the three new image visuals which have come out recently are based on the concepts of the three World Heroes Mission clear files. Well, how do you get in possession of it? All you guys need to do is visit your nearby cinema house and buy a ticket for the film before its official release in August in Japan. This sale is going to be live from the 25th of June 2021 and will have the first 60,000 buyers win it.

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