fruits Basket 2019 episode 15

Fruits Basket 2019 has been a treat to watch, and in no time the anime has amassed 14 episodes. The last episode of Fruits Basket 2019 anime was a heart touching and an emotional one. In this episode, which was titled “That’s a Secret,” we saw how every one of the characters was sharing their sad stories. Tohru was seen grieving for her mother’s death while Momiji told her his own story, which was pretty sad as well.

The reason Momiji’s mother does not recognize him is that when she gave birth to him due to a curse, he was turned into a rabbit. This was shocking for her mother, who stabbed and injured herself. So, his father made her mother’s memory of Momiji altogether be erased so that she forgets about the very existence of him and thus will not grieve or regret anything in life.

This story is indeed heartbreaking to hear even for Tohru. Then we saw Tohru and others visiting the grave of Kyoko and found that Tohru’s grandfather had already been there before them. This sad connection of families was very damn emotional to behold for me as I just could not control my tears. Later we saw Kyo whispering to Tohru I’m sorry.

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This episode is titled “I Wouldn’t Say That.” Fruits Basket 2019 episode 15 release date is 12 July 2019. Do mention in the comments section down below what are your thoughts on Fruits Basket 2019 episode 15 release date and spoilers.

I certainly hope and wish that the new episode is just not so damn emotional as the last one because it certainly made me cry a lot. It was so touching the last episode, and I just don’t want to cry like that again. So, let us wait and see how things unfold in the upcoming episode of Fruits Basket anime.