Is There Going To Be A Descendants 4?

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Descendents 4 update

Descendants, one of the most popular series on Disney Channel finally came to a conclusion recently, and we got to see one hell of a story wrap up. Everyone got the ending they deserved and most of the fans were content with it going the way it did.

Descendants 3 Ending: Is There Room For Descendants 4?

The various character arcs that we got to see throughout the run of Descendants were all satisfying and to the fans, Mal’s journey was very well fleshed out as we got to see her realize that good people are capable of wrongdoings as well. At the same time, it isn’t set in stone that the villains will only do bad stuff. Sometimes, they help more than one would imagine. As a result of this, the Fairy Godmother was promoted to release the barrier forever, and we got our slightly emotional and happy ending.

Is Descendents 4 Coming Out?
Descendents 3 (Disney)

Lots of stuff could be seen happening towards the end. We saw Mal and Ben getting engaged, along with Carlos and Jane becoming official. Along with that, Evie and Doug got to share a passionate kiss that validated their love for each other, while Jay and Gil decided to go on a world tour. Things were looking great for everyone towards the end of it all, but what next? Is this where the journey will be stopped? Will we get a sequel, a spin-off, or anything at all?

Unfortunately, we don’t think there will be any such thing. Descendants has come to an end according to what we’ve been told. The series is over and honestly, even though we will miss it, we think that’s the way it should be. Often, movies and shows go beyond what they should’ve crossed and they end up completely butchering the foundation.

It’s better to leave things here, in our opinion. The ending was very satisfying for most of the characters, and it felt like we were getting a long goodbye towards the end. But, at the same time, you never know. There is always a possibility that there will be something coming up in the future, so we’ll keep an eye on that. If there is, we’ll let you know immediately, so rest assured.

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  1. they should make a desendant 4 5 it could show another adventure one for the fith. and the sixth coud be they ll have id small and be jay an lanie jane and crlos evie and doug

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