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Will There Be Another Twilight Movie? What Is The Main Cast Upto?

Another Twilight

Everyone is curious to know what lies in the future of the Twilight saga, which is a big part of all of our lives. The film series has made a huge fan following that they cannot just leave away easily without getting approval from them. And as we know, fans would never want to finish their favorite movie series or show, so it would run indefinitely if they would ask their followers.

Nonetheless, it was not the case, as we were already informed that the fifth film of Twilight saga would be the last, and there will be nothing ahead of it. Everyone knows it, but still, nobody wants to end the franchise, and they want more. While it seems nearly impossible, the only way to get more content is to ask Stephanie Meyer to write another book, which might have enough content for a sixth Twilight film.

Moreover, the main characters have also got the stardom largely because of these films. Kristen Stewart is also doing other projects, including upcoming Charlie’s Angels reboot. In the film trailer, she could be seen smiling, and it is surprising for Twilight fans as they had never seen her smile.

On the other hand, Robert Patterson is not behind either, as he will be playing Batman in next Batman films as Ben Affleck decided to exit the franchise. There are a number of fan arts exploding over the internet showing the new batman character with the suit. However, we might see a change in the suit in the next Batman film.

Both the leading characters are busy in their respective work, so it would be hard to get them on the same page and do another Twilight movie. But the major problem would be whether the creators want another film or not. If they do, then it would not be a big deal to get the cast back! Hence, more story and willingness from the producers can produce another Twilight film, and there seems no other way out.