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Read Boruto Naruto Next Generations Chapter 51 update, Spoilers, and Recap

Boruto Naruto Next

Let’s see what’s this chapter has for us here, from the latest development of this Manga. Naruto is surprised where he is, he asks Boruto what is happening and Boruto replied that he said he doesn’t know. What he knows is that Ohtsuktsuki can take anyone to another dimension using the powers of their eyes. Naruto told Boruto that he must not to what he did earlier and Boruto said that he couldn’t let Isshiki destroy the village.

Isshiki charges at full speed towards Boruto and Naruto and Sasuke shouts above us, now it is a 3v1 battle. Isshiki tricks those 3 and gets them separated now he is holding Boruto with his collar asking how much power does he have. Sasuke charges and Naruto gets Boruto back. Sasuke unleashes Chidori and Isshiki grabs his hand telling him to get out of his way. He kicked Sasuke to the ground and Naruto orders Boruto to run or he will be finished.

Boruto Naruto Next Generations Chapter 51 update and recap. The spoilers of the upcoming chapter are not yet available we will update them as soon as we get them. Boruto has now joined the battle and increases the winning advantage. Isshiki sends Boruto, Naruto, and Sasuke to another dimension. He thinks that he will be able to kill them there and go to the weaker ones in the village. Let’s see what will happen below.

Boruto Naruto Next Generations Chapter 51 will be released on Tuesday, 20 October 2020 on Viz. This manga runs on a monthly schedule meaning that it releases a new chapter once in a month. You will keep on getting a new chapter every month unless the Manga goes on a monthly break. Take a look at how the battle continues below.

Boruto Naruto Next

Boruto Naruto Next

Previously on Boruto Naruto Next Generation Chapter 50

Boruto shouts Sasuke who is lying on the ground and Isshiki is happy that Boruto is here. He said that if he kills the Hokage and Sasuke maybe the villagers will spill the bean about Kawaki’s location. Naruto reply that he won’t let that happen. Meanwhile, Amado told Kawaki that he is in safe hands. The shinobi told Shikamaru that Boruto’s chakra and others have disappeared with Isshiki. Shikamaru said that he understands they must keep him updated if anything happens.

Amado told Kawaki that Isshiki was looking for him at Konoha. Sasuke and Hokage are fighting with Isshiki. Kawaki notices that his Karma is gone and no trace of it and Amado explains that the Karma is Isshiki’s back up. He explains that Kawaki’s Karma got deleted when the resurrection occurs. Shikamaru adds that Kawaki is no longer Isshiki’s vessels. Kawaki said that Isshiki is planing to implant another Karma in him. Shikamaru promises that they won’t allow him to do that.

Back to the battle, Naruto charges with Rasengan and Isshiki blocks it with his hands and stomp on Naruto’s back. Naruto unleashes multiple clones of himself and grabs Ishiki tight while Sakuke attacks with Chidori. Isshiki survives their attack and unleashes the powers that send Sakura and Naruto away from him. Isshiki attacks Sasuke with his spear telling him that he will kill them one by one.

Sasuke is going to be the first one he will kill and he pins Sasuke to the ground pointing him with his sword. Boruto jumps in and covers Sasuke’s body. Boruto teases Isshiki that he froze and he cannot kill two people at once. Meanwhile, at the village, Shikamaru thinks that Boruto is the one holding the key to win the battle. Boruto told Isshiki that he can’t kill him and he is right the battle still continues.

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