Once We Get Married Episodes 19 & 20 Release Date, Streaming Platforms and Spoilers

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‘Once We Get Married’ is currently one of the most trending Asian dramas, despite facing stiff competition with other big productions, especially the Korean ones. It is as clear as water that the series has not a lot new to offer if we consider the plot which is basic and typical. However, if you are currently watching ‘Once We Get Married,’ you must be aware of how it has been shown that clichés can be entertaining too if they are done properly. The chemistry between the leads and the eye-catching cast is already enough to keep you engaged till the end. The show is advancing towards the end as episodes 19 and 20 are all set to release this week.

Once We Get Married Episodes 17 & 18 Quick Recap

Ep 17 and 18 took the relationship between Gu Xi Xi and Yin Si Chen to a whole new level, as the couple not only have confessed their love for each other but also have been shown to enjoy their married life. As we already know, both Yin Si Chen and Mo Zi Xin have asked Xixi out on her birthday and Xixi chose to visit her senior, Zi Xin. However, it turns out that she is only there to give an honest and genuine rejection to Zi Xin, leaving him all heartbroken and friend-zoned. On the other hand, Ran Xiwei tries to ruin Xixi’s birthday celebration by blaming her for ruining her life. We wonder if the second female leads know that they really don’t stand a chance against the main female leads.

Once We Get Married Ep 19
A Still from Once We Get Married Ep 19

Although Xixi arrives late at her destination, Yin Si Chen manages to catch her on time and they celebrate her birthday. For the next couple of days, the leads get all romantic and cute, doing married-couple things like going on multiple dates, watching movies together and taking care while one of them falls sick. Well, Si Chen finally understands that the act of giving is more satisfactory than the act of demanding. Xixi decides to expand the reach of her brand by having a brand ambassador to promote it. As always, Mo Zi Xin enters the scene and offers his help and of course, the jealous Si Chen cannot let him impress his wife. Both of them help Xixi grow her brand while acting like a bickering couple themselves, leaving Xixi and Xiao Ya third-wheeling.

Next, we find Xixi in a new crisis! While her brand needs to launch a new collection the next month, she is out of ideas. Both Zi Xin and Si Chen help her in their own ways showcasing their love and support for her. A lucky girl indeed! Si Chen organises a fashion event with Xiwei’s V Studio which gives her another opportunity to harm Xixi’s reputation. As Xixi’s father’s girlfriend tips Xiwei with Xixi’s old diary, she highlights some lines from it onto the big display screen, saying that she needs to get rich and that marrying a rich man can be her only option. The crowd as well as the media begin to insult her labelling her as a ‘gold-digger’ and ‘money-worshipper’.

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Once We Get Married Episodes 19 & 20 Release Date

Just a few days more and ep 19 & 20 of the C-drama, ‘Once We Get Married’ will be out! The upcoming episodes have been scheduled to release this Friday, October 29, 2021 at 8:00 pm in China. The local viewers can simply tune in to Mango Tv channel at the time mentioned above in order to watch the episodes one after the other. All the already-aired episodes of the series can be streamed online on We TV and MGTV if you own a VIP membership. Otherwise, you can be patient and wait for the latest episodes to be made free on the respective websites.

Once We Get Married Main Cast

The show casts ‘The Imperial Coroner’ actor Wang Zi Qi as Yin Si Chen and ‘The Chang’an Youth’ fame Wang Yu Wen as Gu Xi Xi, both of whom have been co-stars in the historical fantasy drama, ‘Novoland: The Castle in the Sky 2’. Yi Bai Chen, Zhong Li Li, Yang Yue and Li Jun Chen have also been cast in notable roles.

Once We Get Married Episodes 19 & 20 Spoilers

Once We Get Married Ep 20
A Still from Once We Get Married Ep 20

The upcoming two episodes are going to be very exciting as we will be witnessing the entry of Si Chen’s mother, who has no idea about his marriage. As she sees the pictures of her son and daughter-in-law sharing a kiss at the fashion event, she returns. Xixi fears that his mother might not like her and thus tries to change herself as per her standard.
However, Si Chen encourages her to remain as she is and tells her that his mother will eventually start liking her as well. Although Si Chen’s mother appears to be disciplined and mentally sturdy, she assures Si Chen that she has no intention to be the evil mother-in-law who gives their son’s wife a hard time.

However, we do not know if she is being nice or scheming sometimes behind his back. Moreover, it can also happen that Xiwei brainwashes her into believing misleading things about Xixi. Well, we need to watch ep 19 and 20 to get the entire picture.

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