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Noblesse Episode 7 Spoilers


Takeo notice that Frank can’t keep up with his speed he teleports himself behind Frank and points the gun at his back. Frank thinks that it is better he unleash his real power for him to match up with the speed of Takeo. Takeo decides that he should pull a trigger since he still has to kill the guy who manages to get away after he kills him. Frank got angry hearing that Takeo wants to take down his master Raizel he powers up and asks him what to repeat his words again.

Meanwhile, Raizel shows up in front of Crans who is in a form of a monster after absorbing Shark powers by killing him. Han asks Raizel what is he doing here and he looks at all of his friends who are injured crawling. Crans ask Raizel if he was the one fighting at the top building and Raizel ask Crans who gave him permission to speak. Raizel just looks at Crans who falls on his knees from Raizel’s power of looks.

Noblesse Episode 7 Recap

Noblesse Episode 7 will be released on Wednesday, 18 November 2020, at 10:00 PM JST. The new episode of this Anime will be released every Wednesday. This post may contain spoilers for the next episode if you don’t like them you can skip them. Watch this Anime officially on Crunchyroll. Take a look below.



Previously on Noblesse Episode 6

Raizel told him that he is not even given permission to move and Tao notice that Raizel is using powers of mind control. Raizel pins Crans down with the floor without even touching him. Meanwhile, Hummer is receiving beatings from Seria. Seria unleashes Soul Weapon: Death Scythe and kill Hummer in a single blow while destroying the area around them. Frank is tearing apart Takeo by chopping him with steel spears that he can’t even dodge.

Frank asks Takeo to show him more of his power since he has crossed the rule of not fighting and he will pay for it. Frank said it is enough and unleashes a final attack telling Takeo to die. Takeo thinks that it is his punishment for trying to fight with powerful people. Takeo refuses to die and send all the attack away. He fires multiple shots that just float in front of Frank who just smiled at him. Frank notice that Takeo is improving during the battle and he told him that he is getting interested in him.

Meanwhile, Crans thinks that he can stand a chance against Raizel. He jumps up trying to land a final blow and Raizel just stopped him using the tips of his fingers. Raizel told Crans that ”Begone” without doing anything that power of ”Begone” word sent him flying and hit the wall. Crans’ crew is shocked to see the great powers of Raizel without even transforming. Even his uniform is not covered in dirt to show that he is fighting. Crans notice that every attack that he is throwing is not working it is just bouncing back.

He orders Tao to use the power of D but Tao knows that Crans might try to absorb him too. Woo trie to convince Tao not to do it or he will be killed. Tao said that it is his fate and Crans pick him up with his neck telling him to be quick. Woo told Raizel to save Tao meanwhile, Frank defeated Takeo and wanted to kill him. Seria shows up and he decided to leave Takeo who said they must save the boy that they came with. Takeo apologizes and Frank left saying he will apologize to him face to face.

Tao decides not to get killed he fight back and Crans ask him why. Tao replies that he can stand it when kids are being hurt and Crans quickly hold Tao wanting to finish him with a hummer punch. Raizel said stop and Crans get immobilized. Raizel got tired of waiting and he unleashes a Blood Field technique that destroys Crans in a second. Crans witnessed that power that he thought never existed as he dies. Later Frank, Raizel, Regis, Seria, Han, M-21, and Woo welcomes Tao and Takeo to their team.

Noblesse Episode 7 Preview

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