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21 Bridges Review : A Developed Storyline Yet It All Falls Down

21 Bridges

The show 21 Bridges has a strong concept prevailing around it. It revolves around the various ways in which people can enter the island of Manhattan. The protagonist of the show is a detective. The show has a powerful influence and thrilling experience due to a sprawling detective who can skilfully turn the story with a twist and make the viewers question and think.


However, one of the major drawbacks of the show is that at some points, it feels like that the show is rushing to the finish. The movie manages to wrap itself in 103 minutes. The occurrences of the show become very obvious at some points. Also, it fails to create any huge impact on the audience.

The story is about Andre Davis, an NYPD detective who is quick and has an instant to solve cases. He is afraid to visit a crime scene as his father was killed in the line of duty.

As the story progresses, Davis is able to shut down the transportation in and out of Manhattan to find those who were responsible but only has time till sunrise to take down the guilties.

The guilties are found to be Ray, and Michael, who were former veterans, turned into criminals. They had much more troubles than just escaping the police as they were carrying 300 kgs of cocaine, which they need to take away without detection.

Thrill couldn’t set in

The show starts pretty well but fails to create an attachment with the audience, due to obvious plot occurrence.

Shows usually tend to show how criminals are always ahead of the ones catching them, but 21 bridges fail in this regard.
There is an imbalance between the skilled detective Davis and the criminals Ray and Michael. The police have mostly been shown to have the upper hand while chasing criminals, which kills the thrill.

21 Bridges Movie Poster

Strong characters

One of the things worth mentioning is that despite the poor plotting in some areas, there is a strong character construction. For example, there are strong personalities and backstories. Characters like Andre and Chadwick Boseman make the story compelling.

It becomes exciting to watch how the characters respond to one another with their dynamic egos.

Not a “New York” movie

One of the demands of the audience is that the show should have done more exploration. Little effort has been made to reveal the culture of New York City in the movie. The reason might be that many of the scenes very shot Philadelphia, and it doesn’t feel like a “New York” movie.

However, we cannot conclude that 21 Bridges is a bad movie, although it has not fulfilled the expectations. So, it would not be wrong to say that the story could have joined the legacy of other great titles in the genre.