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Oppo Unveils New Under-Screen Camera

Oppo Under-screen camera

Under-screen cameras have been one of those few technologies that had been in development for a while, and now manufacturers have made it ready to be used by people. On Oppo’s Inno Day in 2019, a prototype was revealed by Oppo, which seems quite ready to come in real life.

Special highlight

It is not about the front camera that made everyone crazy. It was about the seamless button-less design with the absence of ports and camera bumps. The curvature of the screen is worth noting. There are press conferences on re-sensitive buttons on the side that comes with the greater room, making them convenient for usage. The phone will be entirely depending on wireless charging as it does not contain any ports. It will be a 30W rapid wireless charging so that users don’t feel the need for a fast wired charger. 30W seems amazing; however, if you want to charge it on the go, you will need the wireless charger.

Then there is the in-screen camera, which seems like a technology ahead of the generation. You cannot differentiate the camera cutout and the screen. When it was first implemented, the light reaching the sensor was reduced to 50%, but now there have been great improvements. The selfies that were taken with the prototype were not disappointing, and the real smartphone would also have bit better specs.

When the real phone launches, we would expect some improvements in camera visibility and clarity. The launch date has not been finalized yet. Fans are pretty much excited to get hold of a phone with an invisible front camera. Implementations of technologies before their expected time are always more exciting and thrilling. Curious fans now long to witness the actual smartphone since Oppo has promised that it will have massive improvements, compared to the prototype.