That’s Harassment Season 2: Storyline, Cast, And Details

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That's Harrassment
That's Harrassment: Streaming Details

Most of the online shows of today are released for one clear intention – to generate windfall revenue. The mercenary agenda of the creators and the streaming platforms alike are pushing society for cheap, vulgar content. Such content systemically injects the idea of objectification of women in the minds of the young and old alike, corrupting the society in the process. But worry not! As ‘That’s Harassment’ is here!

The series, which has social awareness as it’s the main focus, is written by American-Israeli screenwriter Sigor Avil. Providing a bit-sized content of 5 minutes each, the series is aimed to promote awareness about social termite- SEXUAL HARASSMENT. Truly, this series dispels light from the darkness of moral confusion in the modern world.

What is That’s Harassment Storyline?

The series is a product of the endeavor of a socially aware crew and well-wishers. Its prime focus is to make the society aware of Sexual Harassment at the Work Place. The normalization of workplace harassment due to moral confusion has forced 1 in every four women to suffer from the highest trauma. The series acts as PSA – Public Service Announcement campaign, which has drawn blood from the #MeToo campaign for a probable Season 2. Each five-minute episode depicts one specific event of workplace harassment adapted from real events. The content is featured on non-profit / PSA boards such as the Ad council. There were six episodes in total for Season 1, and the renewal of the series appears translucent as campaigns like #MeToo shocks and shames the public wanting awareness.

Who is in That’s Harassment Season 2 cast?

As said earlier,  That’s Harassment comprises mini videos of shocker truth, which are socially beneficial. As it does not belong to a TV show or Web-series category, it is difficult to evaluate its cast, actors. If the episodes are written and directed by Sigor Avil, then the likely actors who can be seen may include the F.R.E.N.D.S. star David Schwimmer and Robot Star Grace Gummers.

When is That’s Harassment Season 2 update?

As said earlier, That’s Harassment is a PSA-oriented series of short content, and it can never be regarded as a full-fledged show. It was hard to know the series coming and equally hard to predict the renewal of the same. The content is easy to shoot as it involves only a pair of actors and actresses, but it largely depends on the appreciation of the audience for the progression of the show.

Up to now, there is no word of Season 2 release coming from the office of the creators. We will keep you updated regarding the progression of the series.

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