Higurashi When They Cry Starts New Project

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Higurashi no koro ni

The visual novel Higurashi When They Cry(aka ひぐらしのなく頃に, Higurashi no Naku Koro ni) is now getting a new Anime Adaptation. The same Higurashi, which was infamous for Mystery, horror, and sinister story. A mystery horror story where several disappearances and deaths cases are happening in a rural Japanese village. The first two anime adaptation aired on April 4 and September 26, 2006, and later multiple OVAs.

Higurashi no Naku Koro ni(aka Higurashi When They Cry), is a Visual novel game created by a doujin circle 07th Expansion headed by Ryuskishi07. It carries the first four titles of the game.

Onikakushi-hen (鬼隠し編, “Demoned Away Chapter”)
Watanagashi-hen (綿流し編, “Cotton Drifting Chapter”)
Tatarigoroshi-hen (祟殺し編, “Curse Killing Chapter”)
Himatsubushi-hen (暇潰し編, “Time Killing Chapter”)

Although there is not much more information, it is said to be an Anime Project. Visual and an announcement video has been added to a new teaser website. The project will be animated at Passione. The same animation studio who animated for “High School DxD Hero(2018)”, “Rail Wars! (2014)” and “Citrus (2018)”. With the character designs by “Akio Watanabe” who designed The famous harem anime “Monogatari series and “The Worl God Only Knows”).

The original series will be rebroadcast on AT-X in Japan from January 8.

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