iOS 12.2: Release Date Expectation, Beta, And Details

Apple is all set to release its new update for its ‘Apple Devices.’ The previous release of iOS 12.1.3 had several minor bugfixes. So to improve this and provide users a better experience Apple has moved on to iOS 12.2. Its first beta release was led on 24th Jan 2019. Beta tests are conducted to give developers a better understanding of the new OS and to provide feedback to the company of bugs.

Data-miners also noticed it brings crucial modifications to the component useful for wireless charging, including the code responsible for identifying that two devices are charging on the same mat. According to this new release we come to that iOS 12.2 would bring a significant change to AirPower. This recent update suggests that now it can charge up to three devices at once, using the device with the largest screen to display the charging status for all devices on the mat.

iOS 12.2 beta test round 6 is now available as per on 18th March 2019. This recent beta release would provide the consumer new warranty info and the ability to buy AppleCare+ right from their device Settings.

Promptly, Apple has yet not announced a specific release date, and there is no way to know precisely when the company will roll out the final iOS 12.2 release. On January 24, Apple published its first beta release and the first public. Considering some reports, customers should expect an estimate last release date around sometime in March. If Apple holds a specific event in March, it would be to announce iOS 12.2.