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The Expendables 4: Sylvester Stallone Shares A Throwback Photo And Air Date Update

The Expendables 4 should have been out in 2016, but the movie got stuck in developmental hell and some major complications. Back in the day, it was announced that The Expendables would essentially be the fourth movie and that last movie of The Expendables franchise. Sylvester Stallone, Jason Statham, and Arnold Schwarzenegger were all expected to return. But in March 2017, Sylvester Stallone walked away from the franchise. And that’s because, he and Nu, the image/Millennium chief Avi Lerner didn’t agree on certain things such as the new director.

But wait, that’s not all. It was in April 2017 that Arnold backed out of the project. Arnold couldn’t be in The Expendables 4 without Sylvester Stallone, he said. The actor wasn’t that happy with how his role was written in the third Expendables movie. So he demanded a better role for himself and Syl’s return.

But in January 2018, Sly Stallone gave us renewed hope on his Instagram post which said that The Expendables was coming back! Fast forward to May 2018, and it is the last official word that we have on the movie. Things look official as of now. The Expendables will be back with the fourth installment and here’s how:

In 2018, The deadline produced a report on distribution rights for Rambo 5 and The Expendables 4. Rambo is coming to theatres year, so that would mean The Expendables 4 would be coming to theatres too, right? The reports state that Stallone would star in The Expendables 4 in early 2019.

Since then, Terry Crews has backed, Syl has shared a throwback photo from the second movie, which was the most successful with critics, fans, and the worldwide box office. It says “wiseguys” Arnold Schwarzenegger, Syl and Bruce Willis from the set of The Expendables 2.

That’s all we know so far. Let’s wait for an official word from Syl’s end.