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‘Good Omens’ Amazon Prime update Update For 2019

Good Omens TV Show update

Good Omens is arguably the most anticipated new show of 2019 already. People have been waiting for this one since the announcement was made, and everyone wants to know as much as possible about this show. Based on a fantasy novel, called Good Omens, the show will come to Amazon Prime in the future, and the lead roles in the show go to David Tennant and Michael Sheen.

The first season of the show is set to have six episodes. I know that you may be thinking that it’s not a lot, but we believe that as long as they’re good, it’s fine.

Neil Gaiman will be the show-runner and will write all six episodes. These episodes are going to hour-long each, and they’re all coming to Amazon Prime not far from now.

For now, the update of the show is set in Spring 2019, and once it does come out, we’ll get six episodes at once. Six months from then, the show will air on BBC 2 weekly.

Tennant has previously spoken to the Herald about the show, and this is what he had to say:

“It’s quite hard tonally to get a grip on what Good Omens is because it’s this unique world that comes from Terry and Neil’s novel and from the scripts, which Neil has adapted pretty faithfully from that novel. I think it’s quite unlike anything I’ve ever been in before and possibly anything many people have seen before.”

Updated on May 18, 2019:
Lots of new details on Good Omens is coming out as we move forward. First things first, we have a trailer for the show, which came out a month or so ago. If you haven’t checked it out already, you can do so down below:

The names of the six episodes have also been revealed already. It looks like we’re in for a treat. Check out the episode titles and figure out what you can from it by yourself.

Episode 1: In the Beginning

Episode 2: The Book

Episode 3: Hard Times

Episode 4: Saturday Morning Funtime

Episode 5: The Doomsday Option

Episode 6: The Very Last Day Of The Rest Of Their Lives

As far as the update goes, it is now confirmed to be released globally on Amazon Prime on May 31, 2019. Six months after that, the show will be available to watch weekly on BBC 2 in the UK.