Jane the Virgin Season 5 Episode 9: ‘Chapter Ninety’ Streaming And Spoilers

In this post, we are going to talk about Jane the Virgin season 5 episode 9 release and streaming details, with some spoilers. We all have to admit that this season is turning upside town for Jane. She has been pursued as a love interest by many, but now she has to go after Rafael to get his attention. I think Jane is not at all okay with the rejection she has got from Rafael.

After she has come clean with Michael, she wants to get her life with Rafael back on track. However, Rafael does not feel the same, and he is completely ignoring Jane. Hence, Jane is desperate to talk to him, and she keeps texting him and pulling over to his house. It certainly is not a good time she always has lived, but she has got some sense back by the end of the last episode. Now, let’s talk more about the next episode.

The show is now eight episodes deep into the fifth season, and the ninth episode is supposed to release this week. The ninth episode of Jane the Virgin season 5 is all set to broadcast on 22 May 2019. The show is televised on The CW channel at 9 PM every Wednesday. The upcoming episode is named ‘Chapter Ninety.’

The show is available on The CW app and website to watch online, where viewers need to add their TV subscription details to log in. Furthermore, there are several online streaming service providers such as DirecTV Now, Roku, and Hulu where viewers can watch Jane the Virgin online.

The next episode will feature Jane trying to pitch a pilot, as she helps Rogelio. She would be excited, but not after she finds a secret about her book. Also, Alba and Jorge would be discussing their relationship future. Moreover, Rafael will ask Jane to allow Luisa to meet Mateo, and she will hesitate to make a decision. Take a look at the sneak peeks of the ninth episode!

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