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We Never Learn Chapter 159 Spoilers, and Recap

We Never Learn

In this post, we will be looking at We Never Learn Chapter 159 spoilers, and the recaps from the lates chapters. Without further ado, let us look at the latest developments in the Manga so far. The confession between  Ogata and Yuiga is about to happen in We Never Learn and we will only find out soon when the next chapter releases.

Unfortunately, the spoilers for We Never Learn Chapter 159 are not yet released as of now. We will bring you updates as soon as we get them as they are usually released 2-3 days before new chapters. So, make sure to regularly visit our site for the latest updates.

We Never Learn Chapter 159

We Never Learn Chapter 159

We Never Learn Chapter 159 Updates So Far

We Never Learn Chapter 159 will be released on 24 May 2020. This Manga runs on a weekly schedule meaning that new chapters are released once every week and are 7 days apart We Never Learn Chapter 158 was released on 17 May 2020, so this makes Chapter 159 to be released Sunday. Make sure to visit our site regularly as we will bring you more updates as soon as a new chapter is released.

The latest We Never Learn Chapters are available online as soon as they are released on VIZ Media and Shueisha’s Manga plus official platforms. Raw scans for new chapters are released 2-3 days before their respective chapters are released. To support the Manga creators and publishers, we advise you to read the digital copies from their official websites and apps.

Previously on We Never Learn Chapter 158

Ogata and Yuiga enjoy watching Tv together Ogata and Nariyuki, Uruka joins them and she thinks that it is better for three of them to have honest conservation about the future and Yuiga asks if things are okay. Sawako’s parent starts fighting again, Uruka told Yuiga to step up and talk to Ogata he tries to talk with her while being nervous.

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Ogata asks Yuiga if he is feeling okay as he was just scattering while talking to her and they both sit together and Yuiga asks her to be his tutor after that they both went outside. Ogata trips form steps while falling Yuiga catches her and hold her tight and end up confessing their love to each other with an act of true love kiss.