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Mangamo App Adds More Kodansha Series

We can not deny the fact that Kodansha is one of the biggest firms for publishing Japanese manga series and has a variety of big titles under their belt. The headquarters of this company is situated in Tokyo. Apart from publishing mangas, the firm also gives out manga magazines such as Nakayoshi as well as Afternoon and Evening along with Weekly Shonen Magazine. This company was found by Seiji Noma back in 1909. The company, obviously being the biggest in Japan, has ties to a lot of other firms such as Mangamo. Recently, there have been a lot of headlines regarding the two related to the new volumes.

It has been officially announced by Mangamo that they are going to add more than 800 volumes of manga which is under the license of Kodansha USA Publishing. This is going to increase the level of the volumes available on the service to more than 1200. This is a major step taken by both the firms but obviously, the readers are pretty excited about this merger. Given the fact that we will now be subjected to a lot of more content material than ever before, is legit a dream come true for many.

Mangamo App Adds More Kodansha Series

Tokyo Revengers manga will be added to Mangamo

What titles will be added to Mangamo by Kodansha?

There are a lot of titles still added on the Mangamo services that are from Kodansha. These names include Attack on Titan as well as That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime. You all must be wondering about what new titles are now going to get added on the platform after that Kodansha and Mangamo finally have a deal for over 800 volumes. Thus, here we have provided a full list of the manga that are getting available to us.

• Fire Force

• Fairy Tail

• Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex

• Attack on Titan

• Before the Fall

• Ajin- Demi Human

• Edens Zero

• Gleipnir

• The Quintessential Quintuplets

• A Silent Voice

• Chihayafuru

• Tokyo Revengers

Well, after the addition of these tales, I bet anyone will be seen outside their homes because we all will be busy reading the new volumes. For all the people who are not aware of it, Mangamo is actually a mobile manga subscription service where you can hop on, and get access to almost all the latest anime mangas without advertisements. All these books are licensed legally and can be considered as professionally localized titles. Back in April of 2020, this application was launched for the Apple operating system. But soon enough, after seeing how keen the readers actually are to get a manga on the digital version, the creators also launched the app version for Android as well on the 23rd of November last year.

What is the Mangamo application all about?

This application helps all the readers to get access to manga series which have not been available in English before. There are a lot of benefits from this digital application and the fact that it is highly user-friendly, makes the readers even more fond of the content that is being provided to them. When you open this application, the users will find out the officials drop in the chapters almost every day. When you are reading a manga, you can scroll the chapters up and down because the software contains a customized reader. At this point in time, Mangamo has its ties to almost 19 publishers which provide it mangas to upload daily. The company is in relation with Kodansha as well as Comicsmart and TOPPAN along with North Star Pictures to name a few.

Also, there is a licensing deal of Mangamo with Dark Horse Comics so that the company would provide them with the Lone Wolf and Cub as well as the mangas such as Appleseed. The application does not limit its content to just Japanese mangas but also is a friend of the American version. We have American comics on the platform such as Hellboy as well Usagi Yojimbo that will release soon in December. The highest viewed manga on this digital version has to be Attack on Titan. The story of this popular tale is all about a boy named Eren Jaeger who resides in a city whose walls are very strong in order to protect the humans inside. Outside the walls, we have huge Titans who feed on humans.

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