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Hidetaka Miyazaki Confirms, Elden Ring Has No Fixed Main Character, New Details

Elden Ring update

The Elden Ring is the biggest project of FromSoftware to date. There was a reveal trailer at Microsoft’s E3 2019. Hidetaka Miyazaki and George R.R. Martin created the world. FromSoftware hasn’t revealed any information about theof the game. Many people are surprised that George R.R. Martin had time to work on the game.

In an interview, it was revealed that Elden Ring has been in development for a long time. It was revealed that Elden Ring had been in development since the final DLC of Dark Souls 3 was released. There is no news about where the game is set. There are strong rumors that the game might be heavily influenced by Norse mythology.

Miyazaki has said that the world of Elden Ring is going to be great for exploration. He said that the game would take place in an open world. Dark Souls is not an entirely open world, but it is very unrestrictive. But, Elden Ring seems to take it a step beyond. There is a lot of excitement regarding the game. Sekiro was a really big hit, and FromSoftware will be expecting Elden Ring to do better.

We shouldn’t forget that Elden Ring is a From-style game. There won’t be a lively open world. Miyazaki did say that it would be troublesome if they added towns. He said that they decided to do focus on what they are best at. Miyazaki also confirmed that in Elden Ring the players would be able to travel on horseback.