PUBG Season 4: Start Date, Royal Pass Price And New Features

It was revealed by the PUBG Corp. that there will soon be an update coming with the season 4 of the battle royale game. The release of the season isn’t far away. The new season is going to start on July 24 for PC. It will come out on consoles later this summer. PUBG Mobile works off a completely different schedule.

PUBG Season 4 New Update And Map

The update for the game will be bringing out a lot of new changes. I won’t be able to list all of them because you can just check out the official patch notes on their website. The new update will bring some big changes to Erangel, which is PUBG’s original map. With the new update, the classic map will actually have new building styles, more realistic scenery and terrain. There will also be some changed areas on the map.

PUBG Season 4
PUBG Season 4 (Tencent Games)

The game was officially released for PC back in 2017. It arrived for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and mobile phones in 2018. PUBG has so far sold over 50 million copies and the game has managed to push on due the new updates and content that they provide.

The season four will also add a new Survivor Pass which is called Aftermath. The players will have to work theirs through the pass like the previous passes. You will receive several rewards along the way. The Survivor Pass 4 actually has a new cooperative mission system. This system allows the players to work together towards rewards. There are 5 phases in total and with the completion of each phase, there is a reward.

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