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Wentworth Season 8 Confirmed: 20 Episodes Teased To Complete 100 Episodes Overall

Wentworth Season 8

Wentworth season 7 has completed its television run on 30 July 2019 with ten episodes, and everyone wants to know more about Wentworth season 8. The Australian show is one of the most popular shows in the country, and it is produced by Foxtel. So, let’s get started with Wentworth season 8 release details and updates.

Will There Be Wentworth Season 8?

Many were concerned whether there will be the eighth season or not, but now it is already clear that the eighth season is supposed to happen. Foxtel is not thinking twice before getting the show more episode, and the reason is the unprecedented success it has brought to the network. The seventh season is now available to be streamed on Netflix already, which was available from 31 July 2019. So make sure you have completed it before you think about the eighth season!

When Will It Release?

The eighth season has no confirmed but it is supposed to air on May 2020. Similar to the seventh season, it will then be released on Netflix after the television broadcast completes. The eighth season of Wentworth might have 20 episodes, as it would complete 100 episodes of the show. It would be the highest number of episodes in a season for Wentworth if it happens.

Not just the eighth season, but Foxtel has announced that the show would be airing until 2021, confirming that a ninth season would also happen. However, it does not necessarily mean that the ninth season would be the last. Moreover, the plot details are not yet announced, and no teasers or trailers are out as of now.

Watch Wentworth season 7 on Netflix and let us know what do you think about it. Also, drop down below what do you think might happen in Wentworth season 8!