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MCU’s New Theory Reveals How Captain America Can Make A Comeback In Black Widow

MCU's New Theory Reveals How Captain America Can Make A Comeback In Black Widow

In this article, we are going to discuss the all-new  Marvel Cinematic Universe movie. You may have seen Chris Evans and Scarlett Johansson in many of the movies together but you may have not seen them together in any of the single Hero movies. Yes, in the group they are present but not alone. Today we will be discussing the rumours and official news with the Marvel Cinematic Universe has to present about the new movie in which Black Widow and Captain America will be together.

Some sources say that in the upcoming Black Widow movie 2021 both Chris Evans and Johnson will be co-actor of each other. This would be happening after a decade. Because last time we screen in Iron Man 2. There is a long-overdue hope of Scarlett Johansson as  Natasha Romanoff and Captain America shares a screen. In the last Marvel Cinematic Universe movie, we have seen that both Scarlet Johnson aka Black Widow and Chris Evans aka Captain America lose their life.

MCU's New Theory Reveals How Captain America Can Make A Comeback In Black Widow

Captain America and Black Widow

If we talk about the Black Widow, she lost her life when Hawk-Eye sacrifices her for soul stone. But on the other hand, Captain America loses his life when Iron Man does a snap at the end of the Endgame which is the last movie of Phase 4 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Now Phase 5 will begin with a great number of new powers to the heroes as well as some all-new great villains. But due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic all around the globe, all the things have been delayed and the film industries have been impacted very much.

Therefore, the shooting has been delayed and you can expect the new movie very late as expected before. We have seen Captain America and Black Widow in and then later on in Avengers Infinity war. We also have seen them in Avengers endgame but the screen time was very less. They met each other very long ago in 2012 at the times of The Avenger and they do have a special bond between them irrespective of the dynamics they share on the screen.

Well, fans are waiting for around but you do the coronavirus lockdown everyone is feeling bad for the New Marvel Cinematic Universe movie heads the Cinema. And the team also wants to see the new avengers movie very soon? In the Black Widow solo movie, we can also expect Tony Stark aka Iron Man to help both of them in the tough times. I want to tell you all the great fans of Marvel Cinematic Universe that you might have not seen Captain America the Black Widow trailer which has hit the ground recently on YouTube. Check it out!

MCU's New Theory Reveals How Captain America Can Make A Comeback In Black Widow


In some news, Chris Evans also tend to say that he will not be able to continue to the Marvel Cinematic Universe anymore. The officials are yet to speak on the topic. But all  Captain America fans will be very sad if he doesn’t join the Marvel Cinematic Universe again in Phase 5. Captain America has a great role in the endgame in the ending and proves that he has great power.

Captain America has always remained a person who believes in teamwork. He also helps the Avengers team in there tough times. No one can expect the full team of Avengers without Captain America. That’s all for this article. You can always check our other articles related to MCU  for more information about the Avengers!