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Ahiru no Sora Episode 44 Preview, and Spoilers

Ahiru no Sora

The match between the two giants is still on with Yokohama still leading. Tetsuo talk #23 Yokohama to score another one. Other Yokohama players want to get a chance to play like Tetsuo. Sora wants to use the advantage of a short player like him to make a comeback. Yokohama player #23 tries to scare Sora and asks him how tall he is and Sora replied he is 160 cm. #23 told Sora that he is going to suffer for not telling the truth.

Sora notices that #23 is not even good and the Yokohama coach substitutes him before he can mess up the game. Momoharu said that even Yokohama has its own idiot. Natsume wants to team up with Sora to destroy Yokohama for leading. Natsume grabs the ball and dribbles all the Yokohama defense. He tricks them and they make two free throws.

Today we will be looking at Ahiru no Sora Episode 44 preview, and recap. The spoiler of the upcoming episode is not yet available. Check the following details below. After that, you will be able to witness how Sora and his teammate plans to make a comeback. If they lose everything will be over for them they will miss basketball forever let’s see what they do.

Ahiru no Sora Episode 44 will be released on Wednesday, 19 August 2020, at 5:55 PM JST. Keep in mind that every Wednesday we will be bringing a new episode of this Anime. Take a look at the recap of episode 43 and the preview of the upcoming episode below.

Ahiru no Sora

Ahiru no Sora

Previously on Ahiru no Sora Episode 43

Natsume manages to score the first throw and make the second one a rebound. #20 took the rebound and score for Yokohama. Sora told Nana that he is going to let Natsume handle the last two minutes until half time. The score is now 30:18 with Yokohama leading. Sora and other players confuse the opponent and score a three-pointer.

Suddenly Sora shows another great performance which Natsume, Momoharu, and Chiaki. They manage to score and make it to 27 points. Natsume is just making Yokohama players get more tired by his dribbling skills. Chiaki is praising Sora for his performance while Natsume is thinking of another strategy for the game. Kuzu high players are happy that they have managed to find their rhythm.

The game is on break now with 35:27 points Nana wants her team to catch up with Yokohama. Both coaches from both teams are giving their players instructions on how they should get back to their game. Nana told Mokichi Shigeyoshi #12 to get ready for the second quarter. The cooling break is now over back to the game.

Mokichi uses his fingertip to sends the ball flying then he catches it and passes it to Sora. Sora passe it back and Mokichi score from his third touch again within a minute Mokichi score again. Sora asks Mokichi if he is a magician and the score is 35:31 only a few points left to tie the game. Yokohama coach makes a gesture to #20 for them to play a point guard.

Ahiru no Sora Episode 44 Preview

Come back next week as for today that was all about the latest preview and updates of this Anime. By next week’s Wednesday, we will be back again will new updates of the upcoming episode.