Fire Force Season 2 Episode 11 Preview, and Spoilers

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Fire Force Season 2

With this Anime, we are now at halfway to conclude its second season with only 12 episodes left to reach the episode finale. Let’s see how Shinra protects everyone who has a pillar. Shinra is on a mission to protect the forest and its animals from the demon infernals. Shinra and his group want to take down  Tempe the boss of Infernals who has already collected all the tablets to destroy the world.

In this episode, Shinra’s powers are awakening from the inside. The devil inside Shinra’s body asks him if she gives him grace what can he do in a single second.? Shinra replied that a one second will be plenty. Ogun punches Tempe and sends him flying then he started to throw massive punches. Ogun asks Shinra to come and help him he can’t just stand. Shinra is standing talking to a woman in black inside his body.

This week we will be looking at Fire Force Season 2 Episode 10 preview, and recap. You can access this Anime on its official website at or at Crunchyroll Let’s start by looking at how this Anime releases its episode below.

Fire Force Season 2 Episode 11 will be released on Saturday, 12 September 2020, at 1:55 AM JST. Note that every Thursday new episode of Fire Force Season 2 will be released. Make sure you proceed with cation you can watch out for the spoilers of the upcoming episode. Take a look at the following details.

Fire Force Season 2
Fire Force Season 2

Previously on Fire Force Season 2 Episode 10

Shinra promised the woman in black that he will protect this forest. He will also get a similar whiff from her as Adolla as the Evangelist had. Shinra asks the woman in black what is the Evangangelist objective. She replied that the Evangelist objective is a terrible arcane act, to fill the land with flame and destroy everything.

The woman in black wanted to restore the world and create a land of rest until the Evangelist goal comes upon her. The woman in a black notice that time is short and give her grace to Shinra. Shinra came back to his senses and apologize to Ogun for keeping him waiting. Shinra charges towards Tempe attacking without stoping he does not want to waste his one second.

As Shinra transcend the speed of light time runs backward. While fighting with Tempe Shinra saw Tempe’s past. Tempe was just an ordinary guy who lost his wealth, property, wife, and daughter due to Great Cataclysm. He decided to enter the spatial rift a place where people are not allowed to enter. That is when he met with the Evangelist and ask her to give him everything he has lost.

The Evangelist gave him evil powers and left him, back to the fight Shinra kicks Tempe back to the spatial rift. Ogun and others just saw an explosion and they started looking for Shinra. The woman in black is glad that Shinra manages to eliminate the demon in one second. Shinra manages to come back to others and they are glad to see him.

Fire Force Season 2 Episode 11 Preview

For this week that’s what we managed to get all of the above updates with the preview of the upcoming episode. Next Saturday when Fire Force Season 2 hits with a new episode we will be bringing new updates of the upcoming episode.

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