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Peter Rabbit 2 (Delayed): New Trailer, Cast, and Plot Details

Peter Rabbit 2

The upcoming live-action/computer-animated film, Peter Rabbit 2, will be released very soon, and fans of the movie are looking forward to seeing what the upcoming installment has in store for them. According to the latest reports, Peter Rabbit 2 will be an entertaining movie to watch, and it will be way more enjoyable than the first installment. The film serves as the sequel to 2018’s film of the same name, and Will Gluck will be returning to helm the project along with Patrick Burleigh, who will be in charge of the writing department.

The first installment did an excellent job at the box-office as it received positive reviews from the audiences, and it also managed to earn over $350 million worldwide against a budget of $50 million. Hence, the expectations from the upcoming sequel are quite high. It will be interesting to see if it can perform to the same level as the first part or not. We have gathered all the recent updates and information regarding the movie, so here is everything you need to know about the upcoming Peter Rabbit 2.

What is Peter Rabbit 2 update?

Peter Rabbit 2: The Runaway will now be releasing August 7, 2020. The movie was initially set to release on 27th March in the UK, and on 3rd April 2020 in the US. The movie is now getting delayed because of Coronavirus as if they release the movie now, it will be in a huge loss amid Coronavirus outbreak.

Peter Rabbit 2 Trailer – Updated

We have added two trailers for Peter Rabbit 2, as the second one is with the title of the movie, which is Peter Rabbit 2: The Runaway.

A trailer has been released, and according to it, fans will see a new side of Peter Rabbit as he shed his mischievous side and will become a little more caring, so that development is something to look forward to. The film is based on Beatrix Potter’s stories of the same name, and the upcoming sequel will focus on Peter Rabbit as he runs away from home and him ending up with his father’s old friend. The story will revolve around him as he is drawn into a whole another life that he never anticipated.

Who is in Cast of Peter Rabbit 2?

The cast for the upcoming sequel includes Domhnall Gleeson as Thomas McGregor, Rose Bryne as Bea, David Oyelowo as Percy McGregor, James Corden as Peter Rabbit, Margot Robbie as Flopsy Rabbit, Elizabeth Debicki as Mopsy Rabbit, and others.