One Piece 936 And Spoilers: Raizo Frees Luffy

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One Piece 936 update

One Piece 935 dropped just a few hours ago, and I’m sure that most of you have read it already. The chapter was a good one, in my opinion. We got to see lots of interesting stuff, and Queen’s bounty as well. For those of you who don’t know yet are still reading this post, Queen’s bounty turned out to be 1.32 Billion Berries. This is the second highest bounty in the series after Luffy’s himself.

However, this certainly doesn’t tell you anything about Queen’s strength. What we do know is that Queen is as strong as Smoothie and likely at the same level as her. Moving on, Zoro’s swords seem to be lost, and someone may have stolen them already.

One Piece Chapter 936
Monkey D Luffy and Queen The Plague

At the same time, we have Sanji running after women’s bath, looking for Robin and Nami, maybe. Shinobu talks about Hyougoro, and we are told that if he were around, he would be able to rally the Samurai of Wano against Kaido very easily.

Luffy is about to break free out of the Mine Prison, since Raizo has found the keys to his cuffs. As he was about to free Luffy, Kawamatsu turned out to be the prisoner in Kaido’s cell who kills people with fishbones. He asks if Lord Momonosuke is alright and that’s where the chapter ends. This is getting really interesting because Kawamatsu is the final Samurai they had to find.

Now, all Raizo needs to do is to set Luffy free and then defeat Queen later on. After that, we’ll likely see Kawamatsu and even Hyougoro breaking out of the Mine Prison, and the revolution can finally begin!

In the next chapter, we’ll find out what Queen has decided. Queen is most likely going to execute Luffy and Hyou. At the same time, things are getting even more exciting because as I mentioend earlier, Raizo has found the keys to Luffy’s cuffs and he has also found Kawamatsu, who is one of the prisoners at Kaido’s Mine. It seems that Kawamatsu will be freed from the cell in the next chapter. At the same time, Queen may finally show his Devil Fruit powers.

We’ve already seen both Jack and King’s Devil Fruit powers. Queen is the only one whose powers are unseen for now and the next chapter will likely change that. Big Mom might also arrive at the prison at the same time, and if that happens Raizo might get the chance to free Luffy which going to be incredible.

One Piece Chapter 936 drops on 18 March 2019. The scans will likely be out on March 15, 2019.

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