The Fittest 2020 Trailer, and Price

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The Fittest
The Fittest, Mat Fraser

From the Producers of The Redeemed and The Dominant, Fittest on Earth- A fittest on Earth, Fittest on Earth, and Froning The Fittest Man in History, “The Crossfit has released yet another documentary series of the CrossFit games on 2019 titled “The Fittest.”

For the starters, the CrossFit, Inc owned competition, The CrossFit Games, which is an annual athletic competition sponsored by Reebok. CrossFit Games competition has been held every summer since 2007. The athletes who took in this competition had to compete in workouts, which consist mostly of an assortment of standard aerobic, gymnastics movements, and weightlifting. This competition also has some additional surprise elements that are not part of the CrossFit Games like ocean swimming, ascending a pegboard, obstacle courses, softball throwing, and ocean swimming. Athletes who win the CrossFit Games earn not only cash prizes but also the title of “Fittest on Earth.”

Directed by Heber Cannon and Marton Sawers, the documentary movie “The fittest” is about the Athletes of CrossFit Games in 2019. The competition held for four intense days which captures the dramatic scenes and story of the athletes who went through tough physical challenges. Among several players, only ten men and ten women went to determine who is the fittest. And the best among them entered the pantheon of CrossFit giants earning the right to call themselves the title “Fittest on Earth.” The documentary movie is about 1hr 56 min.


  • Heber Cannon
  • Mat Fraser
  • Marston Sawyers
  • Sean Woodland
  • Katrina Tanja Davidottir
  • Brooke Wells
  • Tia-Claire Toomey
  • Annie Mist Thorisdottir
  • Patrick Vellner
  • Shane Orr
  • James Newbury
  • Hayle Adams
  • Brent Fikowski
  • Tommy Marquez

The Fittest Trailer

You can check the trailer here:

The fittest can be seen by pre-ordering it through iTunes not only that if the pre-order gets around 9,000, but the distributors will also release the film early while dropping the pre-order price from $12.99 to $6.99. The decision to pre-order through iTunes is a response due to the covid-19 pandemic. The pandemic has forced almost many gym and CrossFit affiliates to temporarily close, which may affect the upcoming summer CrossFit Games. Either the case, the early release of The Fittest is the best choice for the current difficult situation as it best to stay home.

The Fittest was released on March 20 2020 on iTunes.

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