Steven Universe Season 7 Renewal, Trailer, and All You Need To Know

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Steven Universe Season 7: update
Steven Universe Season 7 Cancelled or Renewed? Here is Everything You need to Know.

Created by Rebecca Sugar Steven Universe is an American animated TV show which was first reminded on Cartoon Network. It’s one of the first animated cartoon shows which created entirely by a woman. The show is about a maturing young boy and his friends the crystal gems named Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl. Though Steven is also a half gem and with the help of his team, they protect the world from other gems who primarily use their powers for the devastation. All though it is a cartoon TV show. However, it has been widely accepted by audiences of all age groups.

The animation, advance usage of science fiction concepts, themes of this show are just extraordinary. The show has already won the GLAAD Award for an outstanding program for kids and families just last year(2019). This is also the first animated show which has won an award of such high stature; it was also awarded by its first Peabody Award for children and youth programming in 2019. Furthermore, it was also nominated for Emmy Awards and Annie Awards.  The show was first aired in 2013, and post to that it has drawn a huge fan following among the onlookers so as a result, it was revived five times and after it’s 6th installment which was premiered on 7th December 2019, the show was again revived for 7th installment owing to its enormous fan following.

So a lot of rumors have been surfacing across the internet about show update of the 7th season, plots, casts, etc. Don’t worry; we have gathered all the recent updates regarding the forthcoming season of the show.

Here is everything you need to know about Steven Universe 7th Season.


The show is based on an imaginary town of Beach City situated in Delmarva, where the crystal gems live in an ancient beachside church, and their job is to protect humanity from the monsters and their kind who use their powers nothing but destruction.

The four crystal gems Amethyst, Pearl, and Steven( who is a half-human and half gem boy) the story focuses on how Steven strives to understand his power and to expand the abilities he inherited from her mother which includes fusion and the ability of gems to integrate their body to form unique and better personalities. The team’s main aim is to protect the world from other of their kind and monsters who primarily use their powers for the devastation.


Since there has not been any announcement regarding the 7th installment of Steven Universe after it’s the previous season, which was released in December last year. After which The Cartoon Network hasn’t made any official announcement regarding the show, so as of now, It stands canceled. However, the good news is that the writer previously shared that she is working for projects related to Steven Universe Season 7.

In a recent interview, she said that: “I Can’t say much yet, but there will be more of Steven Universe in future,” so it might take a while, but you can witness Steven Universe 7th season in the near future.

Is there a trailer? What are the cast and characters of Steven Universe?

Unfortunately, we do not have a trailer of Season 7 as of now, but if you want to know any further updates regarding season 7 you can refer to you want to 

The following is the cast of Steven Universe, which includes all the previous seasons.

  • Zach Callison’s voice for Steven Universe.
  • Deedee Magno’s voice for Pearl.
  • Michaela Dietz’s voice for Amethyst 
  • Estelle voice for Garnet 
  • Tom Scharpling’s voice for Greg Universe  
  • Grace Rolek’s voice for Connie Maheswaran
  • Shelby Rabara’s voice for Peridot 
  • Matthew Moy’s voice for Lars Barriga
  • Kate Micucci’s voice for Sadie Miller
  • Jennifer Paz’s voice for Lapis Lazuli
  • Dee Bradley’s voice for Baker Lion 
  • Reagan Gomez-Preston’s voice for Jenny
  • Zach Steel’s voice for Ronaldo Fryman 
  • Erica Luttrell’s voice for Sapphire
  • Charlyne Yi’s voice for Ruby 
  • Lamar Abrams’s voice for Buck Dewey 
  • Kimberly Brooks’s voice for Jasper 
  • Susan Egan’s voice for Rose Quartz  
  • Joel Hodgson’s voice for Mayor Bill Dewey
  • Billy Merritt’s voice for Mr. Fryman 
  • Brian Posehn’s voice for Sour Cream 2020 
  • Lisa Hannigan’s voice for Blue Diamond 
  • Mary Elizabeth McGlynn’s voice for Dr. Priyanka Maheswara 
  • Atticus Shaffer’s voice for Peedee Fryman
  • Patti LuPone’s voice for Yellow Diamond
  • Chris Jai Alex’s voice for Lonely Blade  
  • AJ Michalka ‘s voice for Stevonnie
  • Sinbad’s voice for Mr. Smiley
  • Toks Olagundoye’s voice for Nanefua
  • Uzo Aduba’s voice for Bismuth
  • Eugene Cordero’s voice for Jamie
  • Christine Ebersole’s voice for White Diamond
  • Kate Flannery’s voice for Barb Miller 
  • Enuka Okuma’s voice for Rhodonite 
  • Della Saba’s voice for Aquamarine 
  • Jackie Buscarino’s voice for Vidalia 
  • Kathy Fisher’s voice for Fluorite4 episodes
  • Ashly Burch’s voice for Rutile Twins
  • Natasha Lyonne’s voice for Smoky Quartz 
  • Colton Dunn’s voice for Mr. Smiley 
  • Crispin Freeman’s voice for Doug Maheswaran 
  • Christine Pedi’s voice for Holly Blue Agate
  • Godfrey’s voice for Kofi
  • Andrew Kishino’s voice for Kevin 
  • Nicki Minaj’s voice for Sugilite
  • Jon Wurster’s voice for Marty
  • Miriam A. Hyman’s voice for Bismuth
  • Dave Willis’s voice for Andy DeMayo
  • Eric Bauza’s voice for Belly Bag 
  • Rita Rani Ahuja ‘s voice for Alexandrite
  • Aparna Nancherla’s voice for Jades
  • Sarah Stiles’s voice for Spinel 
  • Alexia Khadi’s voice for Sardonyx
  • Martha Higareda’s voice for Topaz
  • Aimee Mann’s voice for Opal
  • Eric Bell Jr’s voice for Li’l Butler
  • Peter Browngardt’s voice for Uncle Grandpa
  • Mason Cook ‘s voice for Lighthouse
  • Braden Fitzgerald ‘s voice for Lighthouse
  • Adam Devine’s voice for Pizza Steve
  • Cristina Valenzuela ‘s voice for Jay-Ten 
  • Kevin Michael Richardson’s voice for as Mr.Gus
  • Jerick Hoffer’s voice for Emerald 
  • Michelle Maryk’s voice for Larimar
  • Olivia Olson ‘s voice for Pop Singer
  • Brian George ‘s voice for Mr. Frowney
  • Nancy Linari’s voice for Martha Barriga
  • Amy Sedaris’s voice for Defense Zircon 
  • Joan Jett’s voice for Sunshine Justice
  • Larissa Gallagher’s voice for Bluebird Azurite
  • Alastair James’s voice for Rainbow Quartz 
  • Indya Moore’s voice for Shep
  • Shaniqua Shandai’s voice for Sunstone
  • Johnny Hawkes’s voice for Cookie Cat
  • Marieve Herington’s voice for Jasmine

The cast who will voice for season 7 has not been confirmed yet. However, we will keep you updated as we receive any official announcement regarding this.

What is Steven Universe Season 7 update?

Steven Universe Season 7 is expected to release in Fall 2020. We do not have official information on the update of the 7th season, but as per the rumors, the show might come back in 2020 only, and the expected update will be somewhere in August 2020. If we get an official word on this, we will let you know.

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