Official Money Heist Twitter Suggests La Casa de Papel Season 4 Is “The End”

The whole world is waiting for Money Heist season 4, and so we are. Therefore, we are trying to keep an eye of everything that is happening currently. Thus, we get to know some minor updates that are happening towards the release, as the show is supposed to come out on 3 April 2020, and we all are very excited. We have heard that the show will be coming out for the fourth part with the similar cast, and also there will be similar heists too.

However, one thing that blew our minds was a latest Tweet on the La Casa de Papel’s official Twitter handle which mentioned, “If you’re reading this then you’ve reached the end. Thanks for joining. #LCDParty.” Now, it was hard to process, and you can check it out below, as it was posted with a gif!

Now we are not quite sure of what does that line meant, especially the part where it said “you’ve reached the end.” I know what you are thinking, as it could be an announcement that the fourth part of Money Heist could be the last. Although we are not claiming that it is the only meaning of it, but currently it looks like that should be the meaning and nothing else.

We have not got any official response from Netflix regarding this post, so currently we are not going to make up our minds that this is the last season. But we might soon get to know about it, as the fourth season is just a few days away, and the ending of the fourth season will have a lot to say for the fans!

Money Heist Season 4 Delayed?

We are also hearing a lot of talks about Money Heist season 4 being delayed, and the reason that they are justifying the statement is Coronavirus pandemic. There is no such details out there about the show, and nobody close to Netflix has even talked about it. So, we would just clearly throw all the rumors, as they have no solid backing or proof. Coronavirus pandemic has surged the viewership for majority of the streaming giants, so it is the worst possible reason one can think of at this stage. Thus, Money Heist season 4 will be releasing on Netflix on 3 April 2020, as planned! No changes have been announced, and we are really happy to inform the readers about it.

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