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[Real Spoilers Added] One Piece 976 Spoilers: Sabo’s Execution, Monkey D. Dragon and Aokiji

One Piece 976

We have spoilers for One Piece 976 and the spoilers are crazy, at this moment we do not have full spoilers for the chapter, we will be sharing the spoilers we have to you. Kidd, Law, and Luffy are fully prepared as they easily take out Kaido’s allies in port Tokage and are now headed for Onigashima, where they will wage a full-scale attack on the beast pirates.

  • Cover Page: the real Chiffon still captive by the Marines
  • All three big ships destroyed. Kin’emon and co. try to save Momo but Kanjuro has disappeared from the shore and Momo with him before they can do anything
  • Cut to Onigashima, Kaido and Orochi have already reunited as preparations for the banquet are going. Kaido has received a call about the situation from his men. They find out about Kanjuro’s plan failing and Kyoshiro identity, Orochi is angry at both
  • Kaido mocks Orochi for being so reckless as to have the traitor expose himself, but tells him that it’s fine because they still have a second trump card, as Kaido planted a spy from his own crew three years ago in case Orochi’s spy (Kanjuro) failed
  • Cut back to Sunny, Nami sees Carrot doing something, but Carrot says it’s nothing. Act 3 ends right there (first time middle of chapter) on an ominous panel of Carrot as she smiles to herself as the Straw Hats are glad the stuff with Kanjuro is resolved
  • Transition to events outside Wano, narrator talks about the situation of the world
  • We see people reading newspapers and it’s revealed Sabo and the others were captured at Mary Geoise by Fujitora and Ryokugyu and are set to be executed in a month
  • At Kamabakka (Ivankov’s Kingdom) Dragon and the others still can’t contact Sabo. Suddenly they receive a call, on the other end is Kuzan
  • Transition into flashback to the Reverie about what happened


Sorry about that guys, this was an April fool for our dear One Piece fans. Hope you had a nice laugh, every needs a little laugh and joy at a time like this. This was brought to you by u/OharaLibrarianArtur. I hope we did not offend anyone by posting this. One Piece 976 actual spoilers will be coming out on Thursday, 2 April 2020. We will share it with you right here when they are out!

UPDATE – We now have official spoilers for One Piece 976 (read here), make sure to read these, they are the real spoilers.