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MTV’s Double Shot At Love: Air Date, Trailer, And 20 Female Contestants Revealed

The Jersey Shore Family Vacation stars are now looking for love in MTV’s latest Double Shot At Love. Pauly D and Vinny Guadagnino are now to play The Bachelorette on MTV. The show will feature 20 contestants as eligible bachelors deep into a face-off to win Pauly and Vinny’s love. So there’s a slight twist, the boys will get to decide amongst themselves who’ll stay and who won’t, but the girls will get to decide who they are competing for if that makes sense. MTV has touted the show to be “a dating show like any other.” Here watch the trailer:

Following is the list of 20 female contestants:
1. Alysse Joyner, 24, is from Brooklyn, New York
2. Deryn Paige, 25, is from Franklin Lakes, New Jersey
3. Marissa Lucchese, 22, is from Massapequa Park, New York
4. Zuljeily Andino, 30, comes from Miami, Florida
5. Shira Tran, 27, is from New Orleans, Louisiana
6. Shira Tran, 27, is from New Orleans, Louisiana
7. Alli Adams, 28, is from Green Bay, Wisconsin
8. Nadya Erazo, 29, is from Pomona, California
9. Deseree Flores, 37, is from Scottsdale, Arizona
10. Victoria Fryer, 25 years old, is from Long Beach, California
11. Nikki Hall, 26, is from Los Angeles
12. Elle Wilson, 25, is from Waverly, Pennsylvania
13. Susan “Suzi” Baidya is 30 and from Irvine, California
14. Michelle “Mish” Gao is 22 years old and from Tustin, California
15. Cate Lapera, 27, is from Staten Island, New York
16. Brittnay Dawson, 33, is from Norfolk, Nebraska
17. Ashley Lands, 24 years old, is from New York, New York
18. Brittani Schwartz already has a nickname, “B-lashes,” and is 27. She comes from Lake Grove, New York
19. Maria Elizondo, 22, is from West New York, New Jersey
20. Holly Gurbisz, 26, is from Matawan, New Jersey.

A Double Shot at Love Season 2 kicks off with back-to-back episodes. The first Season debited in 2008 and featured twins Erica and Victoria Mongeon. A Double Shot at Love premieres April 11 on MTV.

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