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Defending Jacob Episode 4 Preview, and Streaming

Defending Jacob episode 4

In this post, we are going to talk about Defending Jacob episode 4 preview, and streaming details. All the fans are going crazy over Chris Evans returning to the screens, albeit on the smaller ones, but the show has caught the attention of all the viewers. The first three episodes were released on Friday, and now the fans are waiting for more episodes. Hence, we are here with all the available details about the upcoming episode, so let’s get started!

Defending Jacob Episode 4 update

The show released the season premiere and two more episodes last week, and the upcoming fourth episode is due this week. Defending Jacob episode 4 is scheduled to air on 1 May 2020, and the episode title has not been announced yet. This indicates that Apple does not want to drop all the episodes together, and they will be releasing all the episodes one by one every week. So, only the first three episodes were released together.

Defending Jacob Episode 4 Preview

We currently do not have any preview clip of the next episode, and we will update this section whenever the preview clip becomes available. So, check out the season preview clip below!

Defending Jacob Episode 4 Streaming

The fourth episode will be aired on the Apple TV+ streaming platform, same as the first three episodes. So, you will be able to stream the episode on Apple TV+ from 1 May 2020, thus, make sure you have the subscription for watching the next episode!

Defending Jacob episode 4

Chris Evans as Andy Barber in Defending Jacob (©Apple TV)

While the first three episodes were really interesting, it would be more interesting to see how well does to go till the end. It is a crime drama which revolves around an attorney named Andy Barber who is fighting a case of his son’s murdered classmate. However, with the new evidences coming out, Andy had to step back from the case, and then the real drama starts! So, we are excited to see where does it take us!