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Dangerous Lies 2: Is it Getting A Sequel? Here is All You Need To Know.

Dangerous Lies 2: update
Dangerous Lies 2: update

The American Thriller Netflix Film Dangerous Lies was recently released on 30th April 2020. And fans are already anticipating a sequel of Dangerous Lies. Directed by Micheal Scott and Starring Camila Mendes, Jessie T Usher, Jamie Chung the film has been well received by the fans so far and they are already demanding a sequel. In this article, we will discuss all the updates we have so far on Dangerous Lies 2.

What is the Plot of Dangerous Lies?

The film follows the story of Katie and Adam a Young Married couple Katie and Adam who are struggling with financing to pay house rent and bills, etc. Katie is then hired by an elderly man named Leonard as a caregiver. Leonard seemed to be drawn pretty close to Katie and they eventually share a close bond. One Day when Katie tells Leonard about the financial struggles she is facing Leonard tries to help her by writing a cheque of 7000$ Usd and also by giving Adam a job as a gardener.

Katie did not want to accept the cheque at first but Adam Convinced Katie to use the cheque to pay the house rents and the due bills. One day after the mysterious murder of Leonard at his funeral Katie meets his attorney Julia who informs Katie he has left all of his property in the name of Katie. Katie was reluctant to accept the heritage left by Leonard but Adam became greedy and wanted the house as well all the heritage of Leonard’s. By that time Hayden Appears who wants to buy the house anyhow and even threatens Katie to sell the house.

While exploring the house one day they found a body of the Previous gardener with an uncashed cheque with a bag full of diamonds. Katie wanted to call the detective but greedy wants to keep all the diamond by himself. Later Detective Chesler suggests Katie that Adam and the murder knew themselves from the beginning and it was all pre-planned and Adam is involved in the Murder.

The suspicion grew stronger for Adam and what happens thereafter is a very interesting story we are not going to spoil that for you. For that you have to watch the film it is available on Netflix.

Dangerous Lies

Dangerous Lies

Dangerous Lies Season 2: Is it getting a Sequel?

Well, till now Netflix has not announced anything concerning the future of the film so we might have to wait for an Official announcement which might be made within the next 2-3 months’ time.

Cast Details of Dangerous Lies 2

We do not know the cast Dangerous Lies 2 yet. But if revived we think the show might feature a fresh batch of faces with a new story maybe. However, we do have the details of the recent Dangerous Lies part 1 which was released on 30th April.



  • Camila Mendes as Katie Franklin
  • Jessie T. Usher as Adam Kettner
  • Jamie Chung as Julia Byron-Kim
  • Cam Gigandet as Mickey Hayden
  • Sasha Alexander as Detective Chesler
  • Elliott Gould as Leonard
  • Michael P. Northey as George Cavern
  • Nick Purcha as Charlie

Dangerous Lies 2 update

Dangerous Lies 2 will be released in November 2021. Although as of now, Netflix has not renewed the film for a sequel so we will not be able to give any update about it. But if revived the film will most probably come by the End of 2021. We will keep you posted with all the updates as soon as an announcement is made.