Vinland Saga Reveals New Ending Theme Song And Trailer Before Premiere

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Vinland Saga anime update

Summer anime are almost upon us and we have some great ones on the way this year. Among the many that are heading out way, fans are very excited for Vinland Saga. The manga for this series has been fantastic and it was about time that an anime adaptation got announced.

Makoto Yukimura’s series streamed its fourth trailer earlier today and the anime’s ending theme song was also revealed to us. The theme is named “Torches” and is being performed by Aimer. The first three episodes will premiere on July 7th.

According to multiple sources, it seems that Vinland Saga Episode 1 will also be distributed early on Amazon Prime Video JP on July 6th 24:00 JST.

Shuhei Yabuta is the director of the anime at Wit Studio, and it’s being supervised by Hiroshi Seko. The scripts for the series are written by Kenta Ihara. Takahiko Abiru is designing the characters. Meanwhile, that art is being handled by Bamboo, and MAD BOX are taking care of special effects. As far as music composition goes, it’s being handled by Yutaka Yamada, and the opening called “MUKANJYO” is being performed by Survive Said the Prophet.

Are you excited about Vinland Saga? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below!

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