Balance Unlimited Episode 7 Preview, and Spoilers

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Balance Unlimited

Detective Kambe wants to know where the bomb that was used in trying to kill the President is manufactured. HUESC refuses to give him information because it is confidential and Kambe asks who has the authority to know the information. HUESC refuses to give any information and Isuzu came inside the room. Kambe asks Isuzu how did she know that he was in danger back then when he was locked.

Isuzu told Kambe that she lost the signal of his location and she decided to go where it was lost. Kambe left Isuzu alone because he did not find the information that he is looking for. Kamei tries to console Haru about the incident that took place at work and Saeki offers him Tienguanyin Gummy to cheer him up. Take a look below.

This post is about the updates of Balance Unlimited Episode 7 preview, and recap. Kambe is trying to find out about the bomb incident that happened earlier. He wants to find the culprit and the culprit is also responsible for his relative murder case. Take a look at the schedule below then you will move to the updates.

Balance UNLIMITED Episode 7 will be released on Friday, 28 August 2020, at 12:55 AM JST. This Anime releases its new episode every Friday. This post may contain spoilers of the upcoming episode so watch out for them when you continue. Allow me to take you to the recap and preview below.

Balance Unlimited
Balance Unlimited

Previously on Balance Unlimited Episode 6

Kambe’s team is happy that they did something that the First Division couldn’t even do. Haru is happy hearing his friends supporting him and they both went inside the board room. The high officials question them about the chaos that they caused during the investigation process. He also blamed them that they allowed the suspect to die and the truth remains to be secret about the incident.

The high official decides that they will first clarify the truth about the case and then they will take action. One of the officials said that due to Kambe’s group action they will get a pay cut and other punishment for messing up. The official asks them if they have something to say and Yomoto raises his hand. He said that they were taking a break as the inspector Haru instructed.

Saeki, Yumoto, Kamei puts all the blame on Haru and they said that they warned him. Kamei said he had no choice but to do as Haru instructed. Haru said it’s true they allowed the suspect to die but they saved the president’s life. Haru tries to tell Kambe that he must also explain to the officials what happened. Kambe replied that he was off-duty and he was not involved in the mission.

The officials said that punishment for inspector Haru will be relayed at a later time. He will also not take part in cases from now on. The next day Kambe solve another case of a lady who was driving reckless. He interrogates her and asks her about the gas that is produced by her company. The lady got furious because she was asked about the gas not about driving.

Kambe tricks her for a hit and run case so that he can find the truth about the gas bomb that was used in trying to kill the president. Kambe aks her about the bomb and she refuses to talk without her lawyer. Later the lady decided that she will talk and she asks them to leave the room.

She wants to first talk to her boss and the old police officer told Haru that they must play dirty sometimes if they want to get information. Haru gets angry saying that he can’t allow them to treat her like that and they allow her to go. When she tries to start her car it explodes with her and her guard. Haru questions the director what is going on and he showed him the Sayuri Kambe murder case.

Balance Unlimited Episode 7 Preview

That’s all we manage to get for you about this Anime and the latest preview along with the updates. For the updates about the next episode, we will be back again next week Friday.

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