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One Piece 990 Spoilers: A Tobiroppo X All-Star Showdown

Whos Who
Whos Who

More action builds up in the land of Wano Onigashima raid as Kaido has finally set to engage the scabbards. The earliest spoilers for the upcoming One Piece chapter have leaked and we will soon be taking a look at how things will proceed.

The updates we have got so far you would wanna know first is that the manga will be going on the break after One Piece Chapter 990 and will return a week after that. It is rare that spoilers usually leak this early in the week. And this time we have managed to get a full translation of the chapter, lets take a look:

We managed to get hold of this latest news courtesy of Kirosh Reddit.

The cover shows Lola and Chiffon who both remember that Big Mom used to tell them that their father used to crawl back to her no matter how many times she kicked him out. This has moved them into helping their father as they throw him ropes to rescue him.

Looking into the manga leaks, Sasaki appeared to be freed due to Big Mom’s attack that destroyed the tree he was tied upon.

Back to Kaidou’s battlefield, the Minks are having it easy with Kaidou’s forces as they easily defeat them. Jack is in trouble and appears to be heavily injured but he still managed to strike down a lot of Minks. Kinemon steps in to defend the defeated Minks and faces Jack head-on but Inuarashi and Nekomamushi stop him. They then transformed into their Sulong form and this intimidates Jack.

Meanwhile, on the stage floor, King calls off the Tobiroppo x Calamities fight that was about to happen and calls them for a meeting. They are now to stop anyone who will try to go and join the Scabbard’s fight with Kaidou.

On the other hand, an injured Hawkins appeared sitting in the same room as Drake. Drake tells him that he knows that Hawkins was forced to join the Beast Pirates and that now would be a good time to betray them. Hawkins looks at his cards and reveals that the chance of one man to survive until tomorrow is merely 1%.

Ulti and Page One are reunited and the other Tobiroppo received King’s message and are following his orders.

Who’s Who appears in Drake’s room and asked him to come to help him with a task he could accomplish by himself. But Drake is confused and wonders what he is up to. Who’s Who tells Drake that he is finally going to kill Queen, the guy he has been meaning to kill all along but Drake asked him why he hates Queen so much.



Back on the stage, Kaidou’s subordinates are still getting defeated one after the other, the Onibanwanshu comes out to fight the samurai but their leader, Fukurokuju turns his back and heads somewhere else. Hotei is aware of this and only wonders what could be going on.

The samurai attacked the feet of the numbers so that the Strawhats can get through and tells them that they should save their strength for their battle against Kaidou. One of the numbers tries to attack them with his mace but Zoro cuts it in half with Jinbe defending everyone from its debris.

Luffy recognized the number as Oars sized enemies and noted that Oars was a difficult opponent who took their entire crew to defeat but now things are different. He activates his gear fourth and this reminds Hyogoro of Myo-o.

Back at Drake’s scene, Drake is badly beaten up as Who’s Who and Queen have cornered him and have heard about him freeing Law from the prison. So they asked him who he is working for. Now he can’t even go back to the marines as he as no way out of this situation. Drake remembers Coby’s words about Luffy and still remains hopeful he will make it out alive.

He jumps from the stage and cuts down the numbers with his X Caliber attack. At the same time, Luffy crashes in and attacked one of the numbers with his Kong Gun attack defeating both of the numbers.

Drake reveals to Luffy that he has left Kaidou’d alliance and he is now a lone man as he asks to join Luffy. This surprises Luffy and brings the chapter to an end.

One Piece manga runs on a weekly basis and you will be able to catch its latest chapters on the VIZ Media and Manga Plus official websites and apps. Keep in mind that after One Piece chapter 990 the manga will take a one week break and return with a new chapter afterward.  Make sure you read your mang from official sources as this supports the manga creators.

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