The Challenge Season 36 update Could Be In 2020

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The Challenge Season 36 update
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The Challenge is a game based reality television series that has been running for over two decades. The first season of the television reality game made its debut entry into the entertainment industry on June 1, 1998. This is one of the few television reality shows which gets renewed soon after the completion of the previous season. To date, the series has completed 35 seasons consisting of 470 episodes. It looks like the reality show will get a green signal from the development for season 36. It’s leaked that the members who are participating in the reality show have spent over 30 days in quarantine before joining with other participants. ViacomCBS has officially announced the renewal update of the upcoming season.

The crew members of the long-running reality television show have been producing two seasons for every year. It’s expected that the show will make its entry once again into the entertainment industry during fall 2020. Even though the shooting progress of the season got started, it might get delayed due to the pandemic condition which is prevailing these days. Rumors about participating in The Challenge season 36 have already started speculating on the internet. It’s expected that the show will have participants from various regions of different parts of the country. The last season of the show received the highest rating from the entertainment critics. IMDB rating of the television series is 7.6/10 which looks quite decent for the long-running television reality show.

The Challenge Season 36 update?

The Challenge season 36 update is not yet officially confirmed from the development. Based on the latest information from the internet sources, it’s expected that the update of The Challenge season 36 might get postponed due to the unavoidable circumstances. Based on the history of the previous season’s the show gets two seasons per year. In that case, there are a lot more chances for the second season of this year. As of now, we don’t have any official information about The Challenge season 36 update. We need to spend some time to get the official confirmation from the crew members. However, we’ll be updating the progress of the show, once the official information drops from the development.

Who Are The Cast Included In The Challenge?

The development has knowingly leaked some of the information about the cast included in The Challenge season 36. Based on the information from the internet sources, I’ve gathered information about the cast included in the series. It’s expected that many more cast members will get included in the season in the upcoming days. We would like to share cast information with you so that you’ll get glimpses of information about the cast included in the series.

The cast included in The Challenge Season 36 are

  • Amber Borzotra,
  • Amber Martinez,
  • Aneesa Ferriera,
  • Ashley Mitchell,
  • Big T,
  • Cory Wharton,
  • CT Tamburello,
  • Darrell Taylor,
  • Devin Walker,
  • Fessy Shafaat,
  • Gabby Allen,
  • Joseph Allen,
  • Jay Starrett,
  • Josh Martinez,
  • Kaycee Clarke,
  • Kam Williams,
  • Kyle Christie,
  • Leroy Garrett,
  • Lionel “Lio Rush” Green,
  • Olivia “Liv” Jawando,
  • Lolo Jones,
  • Mechie Harris,
  • Nam Vo,
  • Nany Gonzalez,
  • Natalie Anderson,
  • Nelson Thomas,
  • Nicole Zanatta,
  • Theresa Jones,
  • Tori Deal,
  • Wes Bergmann.

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