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‘Ark Genesis’ New Map Revealed, New Dinosaur And Other Details

Ark Genesis update
Ark Genesis (Credits: Studio Wildcard)

Studio Wildcard recently announced Ark: Genesis, this is a two-part for the multiplayer dino-survival game Ark: Survival Evolved. The trailer for the game has been revealed, there are screenshots and most of all there are going to be many things coming with this expansion. The exact update of these expansions is unknown but we do know that part one is coming in December of 2019. On the other hand, part Two will follow in the Winter of 2020.

Features That Will Be Coming With Ark Genesis

The timeline of the game is a mystery right now. As for the map, it is quite interesting as in the trailer there were volatile volcanic regions, some snowy mountainous areas, and some more temperate biomes. Moreover, there will also be an expansive water biome. In this game, you have been along but not after this as Helena, the biologist has created a hovering AI companion designated called HLN-A. She will be acting as your guide and is fully voiced, she will provide you with mission, tasks, and story, as well as also have many more uses like illuminating dark areas.

Ark Genesis

Ark Genesis (Credits: Studio Wildcard)

HLN-A can use her own emotes and also warn of danger which is projected by a skull and crossbones. It doesn’t stop there as she can also signal warnings for extreme heat, dangerously low temperatures. If you want to experience this first hand you don’t have to wait for long as those who have pre-purchase the season pass can have her join them in Ark immediately, on any map in the game.

But she won’t be a fully functional state but she will be able to talk and developer, Studio Wildcard she may give players bits of lore relating to Genesis as it gets closer to the update. Furthermore, you can also customize her looks with various dyes. With this update, there will also be a giant turtle coming. You might be saying what so good about it, Well, on the back of this giant turtle you can build your house and can also move around in the water biome along with your house. Also, you can dive deep underwater with your base, which will be protected and oxygenated by the turtle with no need for scuba gear.

On top of this, resources will grow on top of it which means you can even farm on it. Let’s now talk about the dinosaurs that are coming with the expansion, the names of all the new Dino’s are yet to be revealed but we have seen them. The first one is a sea turtle, there is also a giant volcanic lizard, who has a powerful attack and can spit huge lava projectiles. It will be tamable. There is also a small shoulder pet that is called Tiny which is adorable. But that will only last if he doesn’t get some Element which one of Ark’s resources. When it gets its hands on it, “Tiny” will turn into a vicious, rampaging multi-limbed fangbeast.