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One Piece 992 Spoilers Released

Black Maria Appears in WSJ #97 Cover
Black Maria Appears in WSJ #97 Cover | Image Credits: WSJ

Things will be a little different this week as the upcoming One Piece chapter will be released on Friday instead of the usual Sunday schedule. This is coming after the manga went on a hiatus due to its creator suddenly falling sick. Fortunately, that was not for long as official updates were released and that fans will no longer have to wait that long for the next chapter as Oda’s health improved. Well, there is still more good news to come, especially if you are a manga fan who also doesn’t mind spoilers. Let’s take a look at One Piece chapter 992 spoilers updates.

We have received the latest spoilers’ updates for the upcoming One Piece Chapter 992. The spoilers were released much earlier than anticipated and came with more interesting updates that we will look at afterward. For now, these will be partial spoilers and more are due to be released within a day or two. So updates will be more frequent this week, if you need to catch up it’s best to look for the latest news more frequently.

One Piece Chapter 992 will be officially released on Friday, 16 October 2020. This will be at the same time with the Weekly Shounen Jump Magazine issue #46. Now for the courtesy of those who do not like spoilers, let me just warn you that the upcoming sections will include events not yet officially published. Nonetheless, if you don’t mind spoilers, let’s take a look at them down below.

Kaido and The Flying Six

Kaido and The Flying Six | Image Credits: Melonciutus

We have managed to get hold of these latest spoilers thanks to The Revolutionary Army subreddit, courtesy of Wrostgen 

The chapter is titled “Remnants of A Party”

  • The nine scabbards fight with Kaido continues and Kaido appears to be using his lightning technique.
    O’Kiku appears using a snow-based attack meanwhile, Izo shoots at Kaido with what appears to be some kind of gun but it was not clear if he made a hit.
  • Yamato is chasing after Momonosuke and King and Queen have not yet made their appearance in this chapter yet.
  • Black Maria also appears in this chapter and there also won’t be a break next week.

The major update made was that Himiko confirmed that the WSJ issue #46 will be released a little earlier than scheduled but the exact date was not revealed. More scans for the manga will also be released on Wednesday and hopefully, this will come with more updates to the spoilers which we will also update accordingly.

You will also be able to read the latest One Piece manga chapters from its official publishers Viz Media and Shueisha’s Manga Plus. The website’s respective apps are also available for smartphone users. So with a free account, you will be able to read up to three of the latest chapters. If you need more than that you will have to subscribe to a paid subscription. So to support the manga creators, make sure you always read from these official platforms.