Once We Get Married Episode 17 & 18 Release Date, Where to Watch and Spoilers

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Whether you want a cure for some low-key blues or you just need a pleasant distraction, ‘Once We Get Married’ is perhaps the perfect Chinese drama for you at the moment. The drama might seem a little silly in the beginning, but once you get through the first few episodes, you will not be able to stop thinking about it. Sixteen episodes of the series are already out and the chemistry between the leads is getting better and better. The story is about a domineering CEO of ‘Why Mall,’ Yin Si Chen and a fashion shopper, Gu Xi Xi who dreams of creating her own brand one day. After a series of incidents, Yin Si Chen is forced to get into a contract marriage with her for a period of three months but they soon begin to fall for each other.

Once We Get Married Ep 15 & 16 Quick Recap

Last night, ep 15 and 16 of ‘Once We Get Married’ were released and we cannot stop gushing over the sweetness between the couple. Yin Si Chen is still the narcissistic CEO, but his personality takes a 360-degree turn whenever Gu Xi Xi is around. The 15th episode begins with Mo Zi Xin carrying a drunk Xixi on his back where she confesses that she is in love with Si Chen. However, a bigger problem awaits her as Ran Xi Wei again plays dirty and tries to ruin the reputation of Xixi. As the public gets mad at her, they troll her and her store online. Realising that reasoning out with the netizens won’t be an effective solution, Xixi decides to launch a program named ‘The Average’s Makeover’ where she will randomly pick a person and give them a makeover to prove her capability.

A Still from Once We Get Married
A Still from Once We Get Married Ep 17

However, Xiwei makes sure that Xixi’s store doesn’t get any exposure even after Si Chen clearly warns her not to cause any more trouble to his wife. Thankfully, Si Chen deals with the situation in a very clean and direct manner which helps Xixi firm her name again. Moreover, she comes to know about the mishappening at the masquerade and affectionately hugs Si Chen. He asks her out on a date but Xixi messages him saying that she cannot go as there is an emergency. Xixi’s father is caught having an affair with another woman who is using him for money. Xixi makes sure to teach the woman a lesson to remember, with Si Chen backing her up. Xixi’s mother files a divorce and they take her to her hometown house.

We get to see several married-couple interactions between our OTP, starting from sharing clothes, bickering at the dinner table to adorably teasing each other. Although Mo Zi Xin’s presence annoys Si Chen, their interactions are extremely hilarious. Si Chen takes her to a ride on Ferris wheel where he finally confesses to her but gives her time to accept his proposal. However, both Mo Zi Xin and Si Chen ask her out on her birthday which leaves poor Xixi in a state of confusion. Surprisingly, she shows up at Mo Zi Xin’s location even though she clearly knows about her feelings for Si Chen. Well, that’s how the 16th episode ends, leaving the viewers all confused and excited.

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Once We Get Married Ep 17 & 18 Release Date

The next two episodes, ep 17 and 18 of ‘Once We Get Married’ are going to release on October 23, 2021, at 8:00 pm in China. Soon after the seventeenth episode will end, the domestic viewers will be able to watch the next episode on Mango TV channel. Those who want to watch the episodes online, can easily access them on the official website of MGTV and We TV with a VIP membership. You can even watch them absolutely for free if you wait for a few more weeks.

Once We Get Married Ep 17 & 18 Spoilers

Once We Get Married Ep 18
A Still from Once We Get Married Ep 18

According to the teasers of the upcoming episodes, we can guarantee that Xixi is adamant about her love for her husband and politely rejects Mo Zi Xin. Meanwhile, Xiwei faces, yet again, a rejection from Si Chen. Both Xixi and Si Chen finally meet each other and share a compassionate kiss. The two angry birds have become sweet love birds! But troubles don’t seem to leave Xixi alone anytime sooner. She runs into some snags with a new product that was rooted out later but she is out of fresh ideas. Si Chen takes her to freshen up to an amusement park where she can sharpen her creativity and get inspiration for her clothes. Eventually, Si Chen helps her out after which she cannot stop expressing fondness for him.

However, Ran Xiwei doesn’t want to give up either as she makes use of another dirty trick of hers. At a presentation at a party surrounded by media, Xixi’s old journal entry is displayed on the screen where it is written that she wants to become a rich person someday. Everyone starts talking about her morals, taking pictures of the screening. Only if the second female lead could have been as good as the second male lead, who supports Xixi by every means!

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