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One Piece Episode 949 Spoilers and Preview

One Piece

Big Mom’s rampaging has ended when she fell into a slumber and Queen orders the guard to handcuff her body with sea prism stone and Sail with her to Kaido. Luffy is back to his training since two pirates beast has gone. He still wants to master his Haki by beating everyone at Udon. The voice came from never opening cell saying that there is still hope to take Kaido down. Babaranuki reveals that it a member of Akazaya Nine. Babaranuki said that he must be killed now and they will tell Orochi that it is accidental death.

Kikunojo is with Chopper and she reveals that it is Kawamatsu. Solitare confronts Raizo who was stealing a sword. She asks him who is he, and if he is the one who stole the keys to the sea prism stone cuffs. Raizo laugh and said the truth is hidden in the mist. Solitare attacks saying that she will cut him into pieces if he doesn’t reveal the truth. At Udon Kawamatsu is clashing with the guard that wants to execute him, he is spitting bone of fish to kill them. The guards told him that he does not stand a chance with the cuffs on.

One Piece Episode 949 Recap

One Piece Episode 949 will be released on Sunday, 8 November 2020, at 9:30 AM JST. Keep in mind that every Sunday a new episode of One Piece is released. This post contains spoilers of the next episode you can skip them if you don’t like them. Take a look at more details below.

One Piece

One Piece

Previously on One Piece Episode 948

Back to Raizo who notices that Solitare is using six swords and he has managed to dodge the slash. Raizo performs his Jutsu saying Ninpo: Shadow Clone Jutsu. Solitare attacks with spin drill attack and Raizo fire Shiruken that bounces away and Solitare defeat all his Shadow Clone. She then attacks with six sword styles that push Raizo back. Solitare gets excited Raizo dies on the floor and she smiles suddenly Raizo shows up behind her.

Raizo was hiding another Shadow Clone as bait and Solitare thought that she has defeated them all and she was fighting with real Raizo. Raizo unleashes Ninpo: Smoke Escape Technique and disappears since his mission has been finished and he doesn’t want to waste time. At Udon Raizo appears there using Ninpo: Flying Squirrel Technique. He yells at Kawamatsu telling him that here is your Kanta and Key to the cuffs. Kawamatsu free himself and he is happy to see his Kantana Sotomoso.

He asks the guards if they like Sumo and he attacks them with Yagura Ryou sending them flying. Kikunojo is worried about Kawamatsu since she is just witnessing the soldiers coming out flying from his cell. Daifugo and Babaranuki are shocked to see the strength that Kawamatsu possesses. Kawamatsu unleashed a Kappa-style River of Retribution getting out of his cell taking out soldiers of his way. Babaranuki asks who is that Giant face man.

Solitaire replied that he is the one who stole the keys and Kantana referring to Raizo. Hygoro shows up and tells the crew that they must win their prisoners’ hearts by revealing their true identity. They both gather around and make a pose that reminds the prisoners of their true identity. The prisoners recognize all of them and they are surprised about Luffyttaro pose.

They started wondering who is Luffytaro but they said they are amazing and Chopper said what about me. The prisoners thought that Raizo, Hyogoro, and Kawamatsu have died 20 years ago. They now realize that they are Akazaya Samurai and Luffy said we’ll save you at any cost. The fierce battle started meanwhile, Captain Kid ask Killer to snap out of Smiles and get the keys to free them.

One Piece Episode 949 Preview

With these latest updates about the upcoming episode of this Anime, we end this week. Next week Sunday we hit again with another latest updates. That’s what we have to offer for this Sunday. You can watch this Anime latest episode officially on Crunchyroll.