Akudama Drive Episode 10 Recap

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Akudama Drive

The Akudama crew has now become the most wanted criminal in Kansai City. The police officer has posted posters for Courier, Hoodlum, Cutthroat, Haker, Swindler, and Brawler who is dead. Anyone who sees them must immediately report to the police or bring them dead or alive and get the reward. The citizens are gossiping about why the S-Rank Akudama haven’t yet executed. Swindler was seen in Dotonbori and Cutthroat was seen on the north side.

The reporters revealed that the neighborhood is forming a vigilante group to purge the Akudama who threaten the safety of their Kansai. They also decided to cooperate with the police to end everything about the Akudama. Meanwhile the two Executioner are with a lady inside the Execution Department HQ Child Confinement Room. The lady said that she is harmless but they are watching her. The Executioner police think that the lady has evidence or knows something about Akudama crew.

Akudama Drive Episode 10 Recap

Akudama Drive Episode 10 will be released on Thursday, 10 December, at 9:30 PM JST. Akudama Drive will release a new episode every Thursday make sure to proceed with caution since this post may contain spoiler of the next episode. You watch this Anime officially on AnimeLab. Let’s take a look at the following updates below.

Akudama Drive
Akudama Drive

Previously on Akudama Drive Episode 9

The lady reveals that she won’t run away since there is nowhere to run. Meanwhile, Courier is in his safe house with the little girl and Swindler. They enjoy eating food while Courier insists that they must move on. Swindler said that they first have to eat since he can’t fight on an empty stomach. Courier asks the two sisters what are their plan going forwad and the little sister said they are going to look for Brother. Swindler said that the seal center is one idea all of Kansai’s info goes through it and they can sneak in to get some info.

She also reveals that she used to work there and they can use her seal to get inside. Courier replies that her seal won’t work since she is an S-Rank Akudama and she said it is the only way to find out Brother’s location. If the seal won’t work they can use the back door. Courier scolds her for coming up with the worst plan and said she know that it is impossible. Courier said there is a better way to find Brother’s location and she must think harder.

He asks her who took brother and where is he and she said the Executioner. He then said that they are the ones who know where brother is and their plan is to head to the HQ and find out. Doc manages to trick Hoodlum and share a bed with him at five-start hotel Mt. Fuji. Hoodlum asks her why and she said it meant nothing and she is just being true to herself.

Doc reveals that she wants to create a medicine that obeys her will. When she says die someone will die instantly and when she says live someone will live. Later Swindler stabs Cutthroat who wanted to kill her after going on rampaging. She manages to escape and met with Courie along with the little girl outside. He told her that they must go his job is to deliver them along with Brother. They head to the Execution HQ and saw Brother with two Executioner.

Akudama Drive Episode 10 Preview


Within a matter of seven days, we will be hitting back with other new updates about the upcoming episode of this Anime. For this week that is what we managed to get for you.

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