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From Deadpool To Free Guy, Ryan Reynold Changes His Favourite

Ryan Reynolds has found himself to be a great fan of Deadpool. However, recently, he has expressed himself that he is ready to get himself out of the franchise as he changes his favorite movie. His new project, Free Guy, has become his favorite, and he might put it above Deadpool. Ryan Reynold released the trailer at CCXP and made his claims about the new movie. He mentioned that Free Guy is the favorite movie he has made and compared it to Deadpool. We cannot forget how he made Deadpool and turned it into such a popular franchise as the world knows it today.

About the movie

The movie Free Guy is an action-comedy. In the night, a bank teller Guy realizes that he has turned into an NPC in an open-world video game. It is similar to that of Grand Theft Auto meeting Fortnite. He decides to take charge of his storyline and is pushed into an extremely violent world. He makes heroic action to stop the game’s developer from pulling the plug.

It is a combination of comedy and chaos, as we could see in the trailer. The movie definitely seems like a Ryan Reynold movie. He also told fans that he has tried to make something like a modern-day Back To The Future for today’s generation. He took lots of inspiration from different sources such as Will Ferrell’s iconic Buddy the Elf and Petet Seller’s performance in Being There. Ryan Reynold has also acted in the movie, along with being a producer.

Although his new favorite is Free Guy, Reynold won’t forget about Deadpool. They have confirmed that Deadpool 3 will also come into play as he is working hard to make the next chapter of the franchise. Free Guy is directed by Shawn Levy. The cast includes Joe Keery, Lil Rey Howard, Jodie Comer, and Taika Waiti. The movie will be released on 3rd July 2020.