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Race Across the World Season 2 Plot, Cast and What We Know So Far

British Television Competition Game, Race Across the World is a travel documentary that is aired on BBC two (regular) and BBC One (celebrity). The reality TV series features a pair of travelers who race to reach the Far East with the condition that they cannot take a single flight or carry a smartphone.

The series has received huge acclaims in Season 1, making it the highest performing first series. The series has also earned the tag of Channel’s top 10 watched shows of the year. Viewers of the show get everything from a big fact-ent format, which is both entertaining and aspirational. The show has received a whopping 8.4/10 ratings in IMDb and 98% ratings from Google users. The critics have termed the series as an “escapist” series, which says a lot about the world we live in. Now, all eyes are fixed on the proceeds of Season 2 for more travel diaries.

When is Race Across the World Season 2 update?

Coming to the Season 2 of Race Across the World is expected to release in Fall 2020, as of now there is no official word. We will keep you posted with the latest developments.

What is Race Across the World Season 2 Plot?

The series follows a pair of competitors who start from Greenwich in London, and they travel around the world to reach their Eastern Land of Singapore. The competitors who form teams to travel and win are bound with the no-fly clause. They are allowed a sum of £1,329 to let them purchase a one-way plane ticket to the final destination. They can travel by land or sea to reach their way.

The allotted money allows the competitors to pay for all the cost of travel, including food and accommodation. However, they may widen their purse by earning along the way.

The competitors of the series are constrained with no smartphone and no credit card, but they are equipped with a world map, GPS device, and travel guide. Teams need to reach a given checkpoint along the path where the racers are gifted with a thirty-six-hour break. If a team comes last at a predetermined checkpoint, that team will get eliminated.

The team that reaches first in Singapore is declared the WINNER. Along with the laurels,  the winning team also bags a handsome cash prize of £20,000. Season 2 of the series is expected to run on similar lines for a holistic travel experience. However, the starting and endpoints of the destination may change.

Who is Race Across the World Season 2 Cast?

Every new season features a different set of contestants for the epic race. Season 1 featured five teams of participants of two-member each for the grand clash. The five teams participated in the race included Natalie and Shameema (Childhood friends), Jinda and Bindu (Married Parents), Darron and Alex (Father and son), Josh, and Felix (Business Partners) along with Sue and Clare (Lifelong friends).

Season 2 is expected to feature new teams with stronger bonds for the long and steady race.