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The Kominsky Method Season 3 Plot, Cast, and Trailer

The Kominsky Method Season 3 update
The Komimsky Method

The American Comedy Web-Series, The Kominsky Method is a popular Netflix Original which deals with the poignant portrayal of aging. The show is suitable for 18+ age groups and is regarded as raunchy, witty and irreverent. It follows “Sandy Komimsky”, an actor who enjoyed a brief fling of success in his youth and now occupies the position of revered Hollywood acting coach. The series is created by the all-time favorite Chuck Lorre, also known for her works in ‘The Big Bang Theory’ and it’s a prequel spin-off ‘Young Sheldon’.

The series plays with the idea of aging in a fun and frolic manner. The series explores the common axiom of life as the lost hope of an old man is presented in a sugar-coated account of fun and comedy. The series has won the Golden Globe Award for Best Comedy Series of 2018.

Jeff Cardoni is the composer of the American sitcom comedy. Both fans and critics are drawn to the plot because of its humor and heart touching content. It has run two successful seasons with 22-33 minute running time for every episode. Now, all fans are eagerly waiting for scintillating Season 3!

When is The Kominsky Method Season 3 update?

The Kominsky Method Season 3 is expected to release on Netflix in October 2020. We will keep you posted with the latest developments.

What is The Kominsky Method Season 3 Plot?

The official synopsis of the series as disclosed by Netflix says about the show was under-

Acting Coach Sandy Kominsky and best friend Norman Newlander keep each other laughing as they navigate the ups and downs of getting older.”

We are introduced to the aging Norman and Sandy as they try to pass through their last stage of mortal life. The beauty of the series lies in its inherent positivity amidst all odds. It drops as heavy an event like the death of Norman’s wife at 50years for cancer in Episode 1 itself but still remains humorous throughout its length.  Viewers feel for Norman though we are not too much involved with the characters.

The show is a testament to the artistic skills of the characters and the stars that perform for them. The characters of the series are excellent on an individual scale but also deliver credible rounded performances together. They help us remain entertained throughout with well-earned laughs and emotional highs and lows.

In Season 1, we observe that Norman does not seem to do too well in his life as he loses his wife in cancer and enters his old age. He fears that he will lose his mind with old age but remains to be seen whether the ‘loss of mind’ is treated as a literal result of his old age or just like any odd attempt by the elders to remain relevant in the fast-paced society.

The series maintains a startling balance between grief and goofiness. It puts serious themes like aging, masculinity, and friendship on display with both scatology and sentiment. It has set a high bar of expectations for both viewers and critics.

The show puts a special spotlight for its protagonists, giving them extra screen time and added weightage. It remains to be seen whether the upcoming Season 3  outsmarts our expectations or not!

Who is The Kominsky Method Season 3 Cast?

The lead cast crew of the series includes Michael Douglas who plays the role of Sandy Kominsky,  the successful actor turned revered acting coach in Hollywood. He is ably assisted by Alan Arkin who plays the role of Norman Newlander, Sandy’s agent and friend. Alan is known for his works in ‘Wait Until Dark’ and ‘The Russians Are Coming, the Russians are Coming’.

We also find Sarah Baker in the role of Mindy, Sandy’s daughter who runs the acting studio along with him. Nancy Travis plays the role of Lisa, a recent divorcee who decides to be a student of Sandy.

Among the supporting cast crew of the series includes Danny DeVito who plays the role of Dr. Wexler, a urologist to whom Sandy consults about his problem of frequent urination. Danny is known for his roles in ‘It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia’.

What is The Kominsky Method Season 3 Trailer?

The trailer of The Kominsky Method Season 3 is still to be released by Netflix. You can watch Season 2 Trailer for a quick recap here —